Tata Nexon Outsells Maruti Brezza To Become India’s best Selling SUV 3 Years In A Row: Reasons

Continuing its dominance for the third year in a row, the Tata Nexon has become the best-selling SUV in India. The Nexon has managed to outsell its closest competitor, Maruti Suzuki Brezza. In the fiscal year 2024, Tata sold a total of 1,71,697 units of the Nexon. On the other hand, the Brezza has a total sales of 1,69,896 units. Interestingly enough, the Brezza is also not the second-best-selling SUV. This is because that spot has been captured by the Tata Punch micro-SUV.

Tata Nexon Sales FY2024

2023 Tata Nexon facelift

As stated above, in FY2024, Tata Motors managed to sell a total of 1,71,697 units of the Nexon. The result of this was that it managed to retain the top spot for the third year in a row. It was the top seller in FY2023 and FY2024 as well.

What’s even more interesting is that despite having a marginal decline of 0.25 percent on a year-on-year basis, the Nexon still managed to outsell the Brezza. In FY2023, the sales figure for the Nexon stood at 1,72,138 units.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Sales FY2024

Maruti Suzuki brezza

Coming to the sales figures of the Maruti Brezza. In the fiscal year 2024, Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 1,69,896 units. Now despite being 17 more than the sales from FY2023, which were 1,45,665 units, the Brezza could only get hold of the third position on the top-selling SUVs and MPVs list.

Tata Punch Sales FY2024

tata punch ev launched

As mentioned, the second place on this list was acquired by none other than Tata Punch. The company in FY2024 dispatched a total of 1,70,076 units. The company saw an impressive 27 percent growth on a year-on-year basis. In FY2023, Punch sales were 1,33,819 units.

Interestingly, in March of 2024, with a total sales of 17,547 units, the Punch also managed to become India’s best-selling passenger vehicle for the first time ever. The company is also working on the facelift of this popular SUV. This will most likely help in bumping its sales figures for FY2025 even more.

Why is Tata Nexon so popular?

Over the years, the Tata Nexon has managed to find thousands of homes in the country. There is not one but multiple reasons behind the success of this sub-compact SUV. Following are those reasons.

There’s something for everyone

2023 Tata Nexon facelift purple

The reason we say this is because Tata Motors offers this SUV with a number of drivetrain options. It comes with petrol, diesel, and an electric drivetrain. This allows the company to cater to each and every type of buyer.

In addition, there are numerous variants of this SUV. This again helps the company in increasing the sales of this SUV. The Nexon starts with a price tag of Rs 8.15 lakh and goes up to Rs 15.80 lakh. The Nexon EV, on the other hand, starts at Rs 14.49 lakh and goes up to Rs 19.49 lakh.


2023 Tata Nexon facelift interior features

Another reason behind its success is the number of features that this SUV offers. It comes loaded with features such as touch-based HVAC controls with a 10.25-inch digital instrument gauge cluster and infotainment screens.

It also gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a nine-speaker setup, and ventilated front seats. In addition to these, the car also gets features like an air purifier, ambient lighting, a wireless charger, cruise control, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, a 360-degree camera, a blind-spot monitor, and six airbags.

Looks Smashing with constant updates

2023 Tata Nexon facelift rear

One of the main reasons behind the success of the Nexon is its looks. The car from the outside features an extremely aggressive and modern styling. It gets a brand-new macho-looking front end. It gets a split headlamp design with connected LED DRL.

It also gets a set of amazing-looking aero blade-style alloy wheels. On the rear as well, the aggressive theme continues with sharp and sleek connected LED taillights.

Safe and Sturdy

2023 Tata Nexon facelift safety

Apart from looking aggressive on the outside, the Nexon is built like a tank from inside. The SUV once again in its most recent crash tests managed to score a perfect five-star safety rating. The brand-new Nexon facelift has managed to achieve a remarkable score of 32.22 out of 34 points.

Meanwhile, in child occupant protection, the Nexon facelift has scored an impressive 44.52 out of 49 points. It gets 6 airbags as standard (dual front airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags), and Electronic Stability Program.

The car also comes with ISOFIX, seatbelt warning for all occupants, and reverse parking sensors. Tata also offers the Nexon with a 360-degree camera along with tire pressure monitoring system and a number of other additional safety features as well.

Strong resale

2023 Tata Nexon facelift
2023 Tata Nexon facelift

Lastly, another one of the reasons behind its popularity is its strong resale value. Indian car buyers put heavy emphasis on resale values during the purchase process of a car. And the Tata Punch because of its popularity is always in demand. Hence its resale value is very great in the used car market.

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