Rachel Maddow Explains The Vital Importance Of Trump’s Hush Money Trial

Rachel Maddow dove into Trump’s corruption of the DOJ, and how that delayed the New York hush money charges.

Transcript via MSNBC/The Rachel Maddow Show:

f you find yourself wondering why alleged crimes that happened in 2016 are only coming to trial now — well, one of the reasons is that Donald Trump’s Justice Department succeeded in delaying and ultimately stymieing the federal investigation into the alleged crimes for which Donald Trump is now effectively facing in New York state trial. And in fact, that successful effort by Trump’s Justice Department to forestall any federal investigation into Trump or any charges against him, we can see the legacy of that successful corruption, that successful corruption of the case — we can see the legacy of it in the way the Manhattan district attorney has had to charge this case.

But the reason that federal crime was never charged against Trump — well, it appears to be because the federal investigation into Trump’s culpability in this matter was perverted by Trump’s behalf, by Trump’s appointees.

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So that is kind of this big gaping wound sitting right at the center of this trial, is a constant reminder that it is bonkers that only Michael Cohen and nobody else ever paid a price for this criminal scheme, right?

It is also a constant reminder, you know, of something else and something bigger than this case. It is a big, bright flashing warning right about what we as a country should expect from a second Trump presidency.


One of the big lies that Trump loves to tell about the criminal charges that he is facing is that prosecutors didn’t move to charge him until he was running for president. The ex-president always leaves out the part where he corrupted the Justice Department and delayed the charges being brought.

Maddow was right. Trump’s first term was just a warm up act for what he will try to do if he gets back into the White House.

If you thought Trump did a number of the DOJ the last time he was in the White House, wait until you get a dose of what he will do if he gets back in.

The hush money trial matters because it is really about corruption and democracy, and for those reasons it is important, and deserves to be taken seriously.

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