Stephen Colbert Nails Trump With A KKK Joke

Stephen Colbert managed to work a joke about Trump’s racism and the KKK into his monologue.

Colbert was speaking about Trump falling asleep in court when he said:

Once the trial got underway, reporters noticed that Trump appeared to nod off a few times, his mouth going slack and his head drooping onto his chest. In fact, his lawyer passed him notes for several minutes before Trump appeared to jolt awake and notice them. “Whaaa! Oh, my god, I was having the most terrible dream that I had to read something. Oh, no! The dream was real! But if it’s real, then where’s the hamburger with b**bs?”

Before jury selection even started this morning, prosecutors argued that Trump had violated his gag order and asked Judge Merchan to hold Trump in contempt for criticizing potential witnesses in social media posts, asking him to fine

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Trump $3,000. Only three K?

But I guess that’s on brand for Trump. K, K, K.


Never forget what Trump’s brand is and who is appealing to. His rants about immigration really aren’t about immigrants coming to the United States. Trump targets immigrants who have a certain skin color. If there was a wave of white British immigrants coming to the United States, let’s call them a British Invasion, the ex-president wouldn’t be so bent out of shape.

Racism is the brand, and everyone from network late-night comedians to everyday Americans must stand together against what Trump is selling.

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