India’s Most Insanely Modified Maruti Omni and Isuzu V-Cross Together!

The South Indian state of Kerala is known for its growing modified car culture. Automotive enthusiasts from Kerala have created a number of uniquely modified cars. Recently, a picture showing two of the most distinct modified vehicles has been shared online. In this picture, a Maruti Suzuki Omni and an Isuzu pick-up truck can be seen as converted real-life monster trucks.


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This picture of the Omni and Isuzu with extreme modifications has come courtesy of the Hulky Kid from Instagram. It can be noted that the custom-designed Maruti Omni is in the rear. Meanwhile, the main frame of the picture is dominated by the insanely modified Isuzu pick-up truck.

Maruti Suzuki Omni pickup truck

For those who may not be aware, we have featured both of these cars here on Cartoq. The green Maruti Suzuki Omni that you see in the back has been converted into a pickup truck. It is one of the most heavily modified Omnis in the country. The owner of this Omni, Nikhil Kumar, has made it very unique.

Maruti Omni Lifted pickup

The list of modifications of this Omni includes a fully custom off-road-specific metal bumper and blacked-out headlamp covers housing. It also gets aftermarket projector LED headlight units. Another major modification done on this car is the addition of a lift kit.

Apart from this, it has been given a custom green metallic color. The main highlight of this vehicle is that the rear doors, seats, and everything else has been removed. All of these things have been replaced by a truck bed. It also gets two quad stainless steel pipe exhausts that come out from behind the cabin.

Isuzu V-Cross Monster truck

Coming to the main vehicle in this picture, it is the Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck. For those who may not be aware, this is the most insanely modified Isuzu V-Cross in the country. It is owned by the owner of Baba Motorsports from Kerala.


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This particular Isuzu V-Cross has been completely converted into a real-life monster truck. It gets a custom 12-inch suspension, massive off-road tires, and custom front and rear bumpers made of metal. Other highlights include custom metal front fenders and rear roll cage with a spare wheel mounted on it.

The owner has also done a number of modifications to the powertrain of this pickup truck. It can be noted that the exhaust pipes of this truck come directly out of the bonnet. For all of these modifications, Kerala MVD has canceled the registration of this Isuzu V-Cross.

Isuzu monster trucks registration canceled

Isuzu and omni lifted

Yes, you heard that right. Kerala MVD, back in 2020, canceled the registration of this particular truck. It was reported that the MVD team reached the home of the owner and handed a hefty fine of Rs 48,000 to the owner.

However, Abin Babs Abraham, the owner of the modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, challenged the team of MVD. At the time, he said that he would take the case to court. Following this, MVD Kerala officially sent a suspension notice to the owner of the modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross.

The registration of this truck was temporarily suspended under Section 53(1). The owner was then given a time of 6 months to return this truck to stock by removing all the modifications. However, the owner, instead of complying, has let them suspend the registration.

He now does not drive this truck on public roads. Instead, he now takes this truck to car shows and other places on a flatbed truck. This particular Isuzu V-Cross monster truck is one of the most popular vehicles in Kerala, and people line up to have a glimpse of it.

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