Aftermarket White LED Headlights: Gujarat Transport Department To Take Legal Action

Modifications of any sort to your vehicle are considered illegal by authorities in India. However, one type of modification that many people are getting away with is the lights. People often upgrade the headlights on their vehicles for better vision at night. However, not all of them do it in a scientific way. The Gujarat Transport Department has now reportedly issued a directive stating that the installation of aftermarket LED white light headlamps on cars is prohibited and authorities will take action against the owners who have installed these lights.

LED lights blind drivers
LED lights blind drivers

We are yet to see any copy related to this directive issued by the authorities. As per the report, the cars that come with LED headlamps from the factory are safe; however, people who upgrade the standard yellow light in their car to aftermarket bright LED units will face penalties. The Ahmedabad RTO has now initiated a campaign targeting such vehicles with LED lights.

Aftermarket LED lights are actually a serious issue in our roads. Many people who install these lights only look for brightness. These lights often pose a danger to other road users. They completely blind the vision of the driver coming from the opposite direction. This often leads to accidents. The authorities have instructed all RTOs under the commissionerate’s jurisdiction to conduct enforcement drives and submit a detailed report regarding the action.

The cops would not only be taking action against the car owners who install these lights, but they would also conduct a raid at accessory shops that have been selling such aftermarket lights.

Led Headlamps
LED headlamps

The LED headlights that are offered with the car from the factory are tuned and positioned in such a manner that they are not too bright or obstruct the vision of other road users. Many manufacturers offer halogen bulbs for high beam and LEDs for low beam to resolve this issue. Many people who install such LED lights do not align the beam of the light, and this affects other road users.

When compared to the regular halogen lights on our cars, the LED headlights generate blue-white light. These lights may not be as powerful as the halogen lights; however, they are still harsher on human eyes compared to the yellow halogen lamps.

In many parts of our country, especially when you travel to rural areas with fewer to no lights on the road, such LED lights become an issue. When driving on a single-lane road, people use high beam for better visibility, which affects the vision of road users from the opposite direction.

LED headlamps
LED headlamps

Also, we have been seeing a growing trend among some drivers where they flash their headlights after driving behind a smaller vehicle. This often disturbs the driver, and also the harsh LED lights reflecting from the ORVMs and IRVMs completely blind the driver.

Recently, we came across a video where a Maruti Alto driver gave a befitting reply to a Creta driver who was flashing his LED headlights after driving behind it. The Alto driver turned on a set of rear-facing LED lights that he had installed on the roof of the hatchback. This gave the Creta driver a taste of his own medicine and stopped flashing the lights.

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