Trump Needs A Visit From The Secret Service After Posting Image Threatening Biden

Trump is endorsing and encouraging physical threats against President Biden with Truth Social reposts.

Trump posted a video that contained a graphic on a truck. The graphic was of a bound and gagged President Biden.

Joyce Vance posted in response to the image, “I know from experience how the Secret Service interacts with people who make threats against POTUS, even ones they can’t carry out. This, from a former President, is totally out of bounds. It’s time to stop letting Trump break the rules. Long past time.”

However, this is the same Secret Service that has been infiltrated with Trump loyalists who destroyed 1/6 evidence, so although people get visits from the Secret Service for less all of the time, it would be surprising if they paid Trump a visit.

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Donald Trump thinks that he has deniability if he reposts threats made by other people, but this is not necessarily the case. Given Trump’s long and high profile history of attempting to incite violence, any threat that appears on his account against the President Of The United States should be taken seriously.

Trump may think that he is being clever and coy by coming up to the line, but he is coming very close to inciting an attack on the President Of The United States.

The image in the video on Truth Social is a reminder that Trump is not a normal presidential candidate, and he is perfectly fine with violence and terrorism to return to power.

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