Distracted Biker Hits Barricade While Overtaking Hyundai Alcazar [Video]

Reckless riding and doing stunts on public roads have become a thing on Indian roads. Almost everyday, we come across reports of accidents from different parts of the country. Many young riders often record videos of the such reckless riding in helmet mounted cameras and post the same on social media. We also see many riders post videos of such crashes shamelessly. Here we have a video where a distracted biker crashes into a barricade in the middle of the road while overtaking a Hyundai Alcazar.

The video has been shared by sayan acharjee on their YouTube channel. In this video, We see the vlogger riding a Benelli TNT 300 motorcycle. He takes the bike out for a morning ride with his friends. It looks like the video was recorded from Kolkata. He along with his friends start riding the bike on empty roads early morning.

If you notice carefully, we see several barricades placed by local police in the middle of the road. This was probably placed by the cops at night to control the traffic and inspect vehicles. Soon, the Benelli rider started racing with his friends on Dule 390 and RC90. The rider was moving riding pretty fast on straights as well as on the corners.

They were using traffic signals as starting point for the race and were racing till the next signal. In most races, the Benelli rider was left behind because he was riding with a pillion. While racing against the RC 390 rider, the Benelli rider encountered a Hyundai Alcazar driver changing lanes without signaling.

Benelli crashed into barricade
Benelli crashed into barricade

The Benelli rider had to apply the brakes while traveling at a speed of 150 km/h. Although the bike slowed down in time for the rider to overtake the Alcazar, the Benelli rider was furious with the SUV driver, diverting his attention from the road to confront the driver.

What the Benelli rider failed to realize was that the Alcazar driver changed lanes for a reason—there was a barricade in the middle of the road. The biker didn’t notice it and crashed into the barricade at around 50 km/h. The metal barricade bent, causing both the biker and the pillion to fall onto the road. The SUV driver continued through the right lane.

The video doesn’t show whether the rider was seriously injured in this accident or not. Considering the fact that both rider and pillion were wearing helmets, we are expecting both have escaped with minor injuries.

We feel both Alcazar driver and the biker were at fault here. The MPV driver should have slowed down, checked for traffic and then changed the lane, especially when he saw that there was a barricade ahead of him. The rider should have been a lot more careful too. He should have ridden the bike at a normal speed even when the road was empty.

Public roads are not the place to do stunts or rash driving. If you want to show off your skill, look for a private track or a closed for such stunts. The rider was not only risking his own life but, life of the pillion and other road users.

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