Republican Elected Officials Are Teaming Up To Push Back Against Trump Election Lies

Republican election officials across the country have formed a group that is pushing back against Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine faith in US elections.

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Via AP:

Sterling, the chief operating officer for the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, is part of an effort begun after the last presidential election that seeks to bring together Republican officials who are willing to defend the country’s election systems and the people who run them. They want officials to reinforce the message that elections are secure and accurate, an approach they say is especially important as the country heads toward another divisive presidential contest.

The group has held meetings in several states, with more planned before the Nov. 5 election.

“This has never been and will never be about Trump specifically,” said Matt Germer, director of governance for the R Street Institute and a lead organizer of the effort. “It’s about democratic principles at a higher level –- what does it mean to be a conservative who believes in democracy, the rule of law?”

The effort by the Republican election officials may not specifically, be about Trump, but it is in response to the lies that have been and are currently being spread by the ex-president.

The work of this group is a good reminder that not all Republicans are election denying MAGAs. As the nation saw in 2020, there are some Republicans at the state level who are willing to put democracy first, and not slide into Trump’s efforts to destroy the foundation of American governance.

The efforts of these Republicans in states like Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia, Utah, and others, when combined with Democrats who also support protecting elections form a state level firewall against Trump’s election lies.

Democracy is bigger than partisan politics, and if enough of us come together to protect democracy, we will still have a country where we can engage freely about policy differences in the future.

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