Rare Video: Young Elon Musk Taking Delivery Of Rs. 16 Crore Mclaren F1 Hypercar

We all know that Elon Musk is currently the richest man in the entire world. However, not many people know that at the moment he does not own any house or any valuable possession. But this was not always the case, and at one point in time, he bought himself a McLaren F1 hypercar, which at the time was priced at $1 million. Currently, this particular hypercar trades anywhere between $15-20 million dollars, which is around Rs 12-18 crore. A few years ago, a video of Elon Musk taking delivery of his McLaren F1 was shared on the internet, and now this video has resurfaced online.

Elon Musk McLaren F1 Delivery

This particular video of Elon Musk, along with his then-girlfriend, taking delivery of the McLaren F1, has been shared on YouTube by CNN on their channel. In this short video, the billionaire was seen taking delivery of his silver McLaren F1 in front of his home. It starts with a shot of Elon driving his McLaren F1 in front of the camera, where he was seen sitting in the middle seat in front of the steering (McLaren F1 has three seats with a central driving position). This particular video is from 1999 when Elon Musk sold his company, PayPal.

Elon Musk showing his Mclaren F1

Following the sale of his company, Elon bought himself this McLaren F1, which in the video he states is one of only 62 cars in the world. He also states in the video that many people consider their car a behavioral characteristic of a person. He then adds that, however, it is consistent with his behavior. In the video, he is then seen answering a phone call just before taking delivery of his silver McLaren F1. When asked by his girlfriend about how she feels about him taking delivery of a $1 million car, she states that it is “decadent”. Next up, he is then seen looking at the car getting off the trailer that it came in.

McLaren F1

Elon Musk Mclaren F1

As mentioned above, the McLaren F1 is a three-seater hypercar. It came with a central driver seating position and is regarded as one of the most unique and greatest vehicles of all time. It was designed and unveiled by the legendary car designer Gordon Murray in 1992, and only 67 road-going models of this car were ever made. There are a few other variants of this supercar, including the F1 GTRs, the F1 LM, and F1 GT, which in total take the tally up to 106 units of the F1.

George Harrison McLaren F1 2

This unique hypercar came powered by a massive 6.1-liter BMW V12 engine, which produced a total of 627 bhp and 650 Nm of peak torque. It came paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, and the McLaren F1 was known to do the 0-100 kmph sprint in just 3.2 seconds. It also had a top speed of 323 kmph. Notably, the F1 set the record as the world’s fastest production car upon its release, which was subsequently broken by Bugatti with its hypercar Veyron.

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