DC2 Sielo Is A Mahindra Thar That Wants To Be A Lamborghini Urus [Video]

Over the years, DC Designs, headed by Dilip Chhabria, has created some of the most uniquely designed cars. His taste may or may not appeal to everyone, but it appeals to some people. Recently, DC2 shared a new video rendering of an all-new car, which it has named DC2 Sielo. This particular SUV, based on the Mahindra Thar, has been designed to mimic the sporty appearance of a Lamborghini Urus.


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The video of this uniquely designed SUV has been shared on Instagram by DC2 Dilip Chhabria. It starts with the front and rear shots of this SUV, which has been digitally rendered. Yes, at the moment, this car is just a concept and has not been created in real life. However, if someone with deep pockets likes this design, the company could eventually make it a reality.

Exterior design details

DC2 Sielo front

At the front, we can note that this unique coupe SUV has been given a very aggressive fascia. It gets sleek headlights reminiscent of the “Taarzan- The Wonder Car.” It also gets two massive openings on the front that will feed air to the engine. There is also a huge air dam on the lower front bumper.

The most unique design element of this concept car is its front fender flares. These look to be inspired by Baja rally trucks that are designed to be driven on sand dunes. Apart from these, we can also note that they have been painted in black to highlight them.

We can also observe massive all-terrain tires with white barrel alloy wheels. The main wheel has five spokes finished in black, but an additional hint of red on the white barrel makes it look extremely unique. Moving ahead on the side profile, we can note that the side skirts are also very prominent.

DC2 Sielo rear top

Now coming to the rear section of this unique concept car, it has been given a massive rear fender that arches over the all-terrain tires. What can also be noted is that the entire SUV has been given a lifted suspension, which adds to its Baja rally truck appearance.

At the back, the car also has a very distinct design. It gets a thick connected LED taillight and a massive rear sloping roof design. The rear window, which is the most unique element of this car, has been divided into two sections. There is also a massive skid plate in the rear as well.

Will this become a reality?

DC2 Sielo

As mentioned above, most likely it is just a rendering that has been designed to entice prospective customers. It’s not impossible for DC2 to create this SUV in real life. However, it would take a lot of money to recreate it.

DC2 Sielo rear

The intricate details like the rear bubble glass roof, those massive fender flares, and the unique front end—all of these will require an extremely labor-intensive effort to create. However, as stated, if someone who really wants this car can afford the cost, it would become an amazing car to see in person.

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