Low Energy Trump Is Sleeping Again In Court

At his criminal trial, ex-president Donald Trump again fell asleep during the proceedings.

Norm Eisen, who is in the courtroom, posted:

Donald Trump is so weak and low energy that he can’t stay awake during his own criminal trial. Republicans are trying to convince voters that Trump is the more energetic candidate, but the former president barely holds one campaign a week. The big rallies have been replaced by events at smaller venues that are usually held in swing states.

Trump is barely campaigning, and he is not able to stay awake in court.

None of this is helping Trump with voters. The media has chosen to obsess over President Biden’s age, but it is Donald Trump who continues to show a lack of physical and mental fitness to hold the presidency.

According to President Ronald Reagan’s son Ron, his father was showing symptoms of cognitive decline during his 1984 reelection campaign. The protectors of the legacy of former President Reagan have strongly denied that he was in cognitive decline while in office, but Republicans do have experience with propping up an aging presidential candidate, but in 2024, it is almost impossible to hide a candidate in decline.

If Trump can’t stay awake when his freedom is on the line, he definitely can’t be trusted with the most important job in the world.

Sleepy Don needs to be sent back to Mar-a-Lago for a nap.

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