Human Heart for Kids: Hands On Heart Activity

Learning about the human heart for kids  is one of the body’s most exciting adventures!  Because we can’t see it in action, it is a difficult concept for some children {and adults} to grasp.  Here are some fun ways for children to learn about the heart as they feel, hear, and “see” it in action. Kids Activities Blog loves when simple lessons for kids are hands-on play!

Human Heart for Kids:  Simple lesson on How the Heart Works

Human Heart for Kids

What does a heart do? In simplest terms, a heart is a pump that pushes blood all over the body.  We need the blood delivered because it carries the oxygen (among other things)our organs and tissues need to function.

See Heart in Action Activity for Kids

Supplies Needed

  • Tennis ball
  • Drill
  • Bucket of water
Human heart lesson for kids - hands on: tennis ball full of water squeeze over bucket - Kids Activities Blog
See the Action of the Heart

See Heart In Motion Activity

Drill a hole in a tennis ball and dunk it in a bucket full of water.  Once the ball is full of water, pump it with your fist with the hole facing upwards.

Explain to your children that each time your heart squeezes, blood, like the water, is pushed out of the heart. When the ball is empty, relax your fist and let it regain its shape.  This is when the heart fills back up with blood from the lungs to be pushed out into the body.

Hear Heart in Action Activity

Supplies Needed

Hear Heart in Motion Activity

Use a empty paper towel tube to create a stethoscope.  Place one end of the tube to your heart and instruct your child to place their ear on the other end.  Ask them what they hear. You may need to move it around a bit to hear the heart beat.

Explain to your children that the “lub-dub” sound they hear is the heart pushing the blood out and filling back up.

Feel Heart in Action Activity

Supplies Needed

Human heart lesson for kids - hands on: child taking pulse - Kids Activities Blog
Feel the Action of the Heart

Feel Heart in Motion Activity

Place your two fingers on your wrist to feel your pulse and instruct your children to.  Explain to them that they can feel the heart pushing the blood through their bodies by feeling this pulse.  Have them count how many times they feel it in a ten second window.

Next, have them do both a light activity (climb the stairs) and a strenuous activity (run around the backyard) and count their pulse again after each exercise. Explain to them that by exercising, their body needs more blood and oxygen, so the heart will speed up its pumping. Amazing!

Looking for more information about the heart? Check out Science Kids.

More Heart Fun from Kids Activities Blog

We hope your child enjoys these human heart for kids activities.  What other activities have you used to help your child learn about the heart?  We’d love to hear about them!  Here are a few more heart related kids activities to enjoy:

How did your hands on heart learning with kids go? What other things have you tried to learn more about the heart?

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