17 Terrific Hair Styles for Little Girls

Are your girls in the awkward hair phase? Where they have tons of whispy fly-a-ways, and a new love of style? I am guessing I am not the only one! While back a mom asked on our facebook wall for hair styles for little girls – thanks to all of our readers who submitted photos of their kids!

lots of hair ideas for little girls - user submitted pictures of favorite little girl hairstyles from pig tails to curls - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s Have Fun with Little Girl Hairstyles!

Hair Tips for Tots – Cute Girl Hairstyles

Yes, these little girl hairstyle ideas came from you! Which means they are awesome, work in REAL life and perfect for your little one.

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When asked what little girls hairstyle works best for every day, here are your answers:

1. Pigtails for the Win

We usually rock the bam-bam. If she’s patient, we’ll get two pigtails.”  – Chrissy

2. Adding a Knot Braid to a Braid

Starting knot of a knot braid and it holds the hair in for the rest of the braid.” – Bonnie.

3. No More Whispies

Glue a small piece of nonslip shelf liner into the inside of your clips to grab the thin hairs.

4. Have Fun with Crazy Hair

Let their hair be crazy.  Embrace it – let them be unique.

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5. Hats to the Rescue

When it’s a crazy day:  Hats, Hats and more Hats.

17 Hair Styles for Girls - more pictures of different hairstyles for little girls
Let’s Syle Our Hair like THAT today!

Tips for Controlling Crazy Hair

6. Pull the Hair through the pigtail

Liven up pigtails AND make it harder to take them out.  After you make the pigtail, and band it, split the hair above the band and pull the “tail” up through the hole.

7. Detangle.

“Use detangler!  Hair styling should not hurt.”  “  I find a spray bottle of water with about 2cm of fabric conditioner poured in , sprayed on hair and combed through helps as a detangler and sets the curls beautifully.”   – Lisa

8. Avoid non-Hair Bands

I found that loom bands are impossible to  pull out of hair if that’s helps! Had to cut them out my daughters hair!”  – Rachel

Make a group of pony-tails.  It will stay in, and look better, longer than a traditional pony.

10. Fabric HeadBands

“For headbands, I much prefer the pantyhose fabric type that wrap around her whole head (as pictured). The thickness of it helps keep it in place longer.”  – Jennifer

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11. New Pillow Case

Want to avoid bed hair??  Try switching to a silk pillow case.  You will have fewer  frizzed and teased matted bits in the morning.

little girls hair ideas - user generated images of little girl hairstyles to help parents
I Love my Hairstyle!

Hair Tips for Kids

12. Mini Pony

Make a mini-pony tail that feeds into a bigger ponytail to help capture the bangs.

13. Accessorize

When in doubt, add a flower (or three).

14. Flip the POnytail

Consider switching up the ponytail by flipping it and adding a bow underneath it.

15. Crazy Hair Don’t Care

My little girl is almost 3 and loves to have her hair done, but pulls it out after 5 min… Now I just let her hair do what it does. My new motto: Crazy hair, don’t care.”  – Dawn  

Traditional Hairstyles for Little Girls

16. French Braid

If you can get them to sit still long enough, a french braid works really well when you start at the crown of the head and work the way down the middle or have two french braids on either side. – Holly

17. Twisted Ponytails

Create two or more ponytails and then twist each one before securing them with hair ties at the ends.

18. Half up & Half Down

Pull back the top half of the hair and secure into a ponytail holder or barrette leaving the bottom half loose. Works well for active girls!

I Love My Hair Video

Many thanks to all the families on our Facebook wall who contributed photos, including Toes and Bows, Natural Homeschool, Natural Beach Living, and Preschool Inspirations.

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Did we miss a hair style? Please tell us more in the comments below!

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