Dairy Queen Sprinkle Cones Are A Thing and I Want One

I am not going to lie, I am late in the game when it comes to Dairy Queen treats. For years, I’ve lived right by a DQ but it wasn’t until recent that I started enjoying their sweet treats. Well, I just found out that Dairy Queen Sprinkle Cones Are A Thing and I Want One. They look so good!

Crazy, right?

Sprinkle Cones from Dairy Queen

If a treat has that perfect mix of crunch and sweetness, I am all in and that is exactly what these sprinkle cones have.

How to Get a DQ Sprinkle Cone

Apparently, all you have to do is ask for a traditional DQ swirled ice cream cone and then ask to have it rolled in sprinkles.

Some locations have rainbow sprinkles while others have chocolate.

Some locations will just dump a handful of sprinkles onto the cone and the reasoning? Because rolling the cone in sprinkles will cause the cone to lose that traditional DQ swirled cone look. At least, that is what one thread on Reddit concluded over this exact topic.

Why does DQ not roll their soft serve cones in sprinkles?
by u/opieandA21 in DairyQueen

So, all you need to do is head to your local Dairy Queen and ask if they have sprinkles… either rainbow or chocolate (or both) and asked to have your cone rolled in it. If they don’t, try another cone like this Cotton Candy Dipped Cone or Cherry Red Dipped Cone. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any treat there!

Have you tried the Dairy Queen Sprinkle cone? If so, how is it?!

More Dipped Cones from DQ

Dipped cones! Here are some of our favorite dipped cones:

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Have you tried a sprinkle cone at DQ?

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