Creta Flashes Alto: Alto Flashes Rear-Mounted LED Lights back at Creta! [Video]

People driving or riding recklessly on the road are not a new sight for us on Indian roads. We have discussed the impatient nature of many drivers on our roads several times. We have seen people drive SUVs to intimidate other road users. We have also seen people unnecessarily flash their headlights after driving behind other vehicles. We have all seen memes related to such behavior online too. Here we have a video of a Hyundai Creta driver who flashed his headlights after driving behind a Maruti Alto. The Alto driver responded by flashing the rear-mounted LED lights back at the Creta.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. It looks like the YouTuber picked this video from the internet. In this video, we see a Hyundai Creta driving on a 6-lane highway. It is a fairly busy highway but not too crowded. Right in front of the Creta, we see a Maruti Alto 800 hatchback.

The Alto driver was maintaining a constant speed while driving through the middle lane. The Creta driver had ample space to overtake the hatchback from whichever lane he wanted. However, the Creta driver decided to flash headlights or use the pass light to intimidate the Alto driver so that he changes lanes.

However, things did not go as per the Creta driver’s plan. As soon as the Creta driver flashed headlights, the Alto driver turned on LED lights that were mounted on the roof of the hatchback. The best thing here was that the lights were facing rearward and when turned on, they completely blinded the vision.

The Alto driver turned on the LED lights. The Creta driver was probably too surprised to see such behavior from the Alto driver. As soon as he saw the lights turn on on the Alto, the Creta driver stopped flashing the headlights.

Alto flashes roof mounted lights at Creta
Alto flashes roof mounted lights at Creta

While this may look like a befitting reply to the Creta driver’s behavior, we would love to bring your attention that no vehicles come with such lights from the factory. The Alto driver probably installed aftermarket lights after getting fed up with such behavior from SUV drivers on the road.

Most modern cars sold in India come with projector or LED headlamps. These lights are often too harsh and can even blind the vision of drivers coming from the opposite direction. It is always a good idea to not use high beam at night. The only time when you must flash your headlights is when you want to overtake a vehicle from the right lane or whenever you are driving behind a heavy vehicle.

By flashing lights behind a truck, you will have the attention of the truck driver and can safely overtake. Flashing the lights for no reason is not good behavior as it creates inconvenience to other road users, especially people driving small cars like the Alto. We are not justifying what the Alto driver did here.

By using rear-facing harsh LED lights, the Alto driver is not only blinding the Creta driver but also the vision of other innocent road users. There is even a possibility that the driver of the car coming from the rear fails to notice an obstacle on the road due to these flashing lights, and things could end up in a crash or accident.

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