Brand New Tata Punch Breaks Down Soon After Delivery: Owner Protests By Carrying ‘Garbage’ [Video]

The Tata Punch is the entry-level micro SUV from an Indian car manufacturer. It is extremely popular among buyers in the market for its rugged looks and sturdy build quality. There are two kinds of Tata customers that we have seen online. One section really enjoys the way Tata cars are built and is lucky to have faced no issues with the vehicle. The other section comprises those who bought Tata cars and are not happy with the way their car is performing and also with the aftersales experience. Here, we have one such customer’s post where his brand-new Tata Punch refused to start after he drove the car for 10 km and stopped for puja. He then used the car to carry garbage in protest.

The videos and images were posted by on X or Twitter. As per the post, the owner claims that he had bought a brand-new Tata Punch from Sai Baba Autowheels, a Tata Motors authorized dealer in Hadapsar, on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. The owner mentions in the post that he had bought the car after making the full payment in cash.

The customer took delivery and drove the car out. We are not sure if the customer was with his family or alone in the car. He stopped the car to perform the usual religious rituals and puja. This is a usual thing in Indian households as they welcome the car as a new member of their family. The customer stopped the car for puja and, surprisingly, the car didn’t start after that.

The exact details of the variant of the car are not available in the post. The owner mentions that his car had only done about 10 km and it is already starting to show issues. The customer is feeling cheated, especially because he bought the car by making the full payment in cash.

In the video, we see the car parked outside a petrol pump. In a short video that the owner has shared, we see the car’s rear seat filled with palm leaves, symbolic of using the car to carry garbage!

Brand new Tata Punch breaks down
Brand new Tata Punch breaks down

By carrying garbage in his brand new car, the owner was protesting against the dealership from where he bought the car. He posted these videos and images with a post that asked people to not buy cars from this particular Tata dealership.

We are yet to know whether the issue that the customer faced has been resolved or if the car is lying at the service center. This is not the first time we have come across a report or images where a customer who bought a Tata car has faced an issue. While some of these problems happen due to minor issues, there are other instances where the car had some manufacturing issues and the customer faced issues with the car from day 1.

Brand new Tata Punch breaks down
Brand new Tata Punch breaks down

We have seen people complain a lot about their bad experiences at Tata service centers. Most of these issues are later resolved, and we hope something similar happens in this case and the customer drives home his new Punch with issues resolved.

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