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Attend Women at Work Live May 16

April 16, 2024

We’ve planned a half-day of learning, guidance, and inspiration—all virtual. Here’s the agenda:

  1. Executive coach Dorie Clark on working with the ambition you’ve got right now, whether you’re making every effort to get promoted or are taking a break from striving. She’ll help you recognize when it’s best to slow down or ramp up.
  2. Organizational psychologist Ruchi Sinha’s latest research findings on trust: how to measure the amount felt between team members, and what to do if it’s imbalanced. Plus, she’ll explain the upsides of switching between different kinds of leadership styles, and she’ll illustrate how to do that.
  3. DEI strategist Lily Zheng on the power of data to correct discrimination, design fair processes, and demonstrate a company’s progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. They’ll also describe the positive and negative moves companies are making and how to have influence within yours.
  4. The Amys on…whatever guidance you and other attendees need related to leading a team, dealing with conflict, negotiating, or something else. Email your question ahead of time to, or drop it into the chat during the session.

Tickets are $60 for Harvard Business Review subscribers and $75 for everyone else. A ticket will also give you access to a replay of the event recording. Register here.

Interested in buying a bunch of tickets for your team, department, or entire company? Email to learn about group discounts.

See you there!

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