YouTuber Converts Tata Safari Into a Mobile Pool: Airbags Get Deployed [Video]

Summers have arrived in most parts of the country, and temperatures have risen. Many cities are also experiencing heatwaves. During this season, we have come across several videos on social media showcasing creative ideas to beat the heat. Here, we have a YouTuber from Kerala who decided to take his Tata Safari and convert it into a mobile pool to have fun with his friends. Airbags got deployed after this stunt.

The video was shared by Sanju Techy Vlogs on his YouTube channel. It started as a regular daily vlog. He picked up his friends and returned home with the idea of converting his Tata Safari SUV into a pool. On their way back, the vlogger bought a tarpaulin sheet.

He removed or folded the second-row seat in the Safari and placed the tarpaulin sheet inside. The vlogger and his friends positioned the sheet in such a manner that it resembled a basket or a pool capable of holding water. They used ropes to tie the sheet and secure it in place. Once the sheet was positioned, the vlogger got inside the car and started filling it with water.

The car was filled with water, and once it reached the desired level, he invited his friends inside. They then started driving the car on the road. They were having fun and even stopped along the way for refreshments and drinks. People were curious to see what was happening in the car.

The vlogger did not consider that the water level would rise when his friends got in. The car eventually reached a spot with a traffic jam. The driver applied the brakes, causing all the water to surge forward. They tried to save the pool, but the force of the water was too much for the sheet to hold.

tata harrier swimming pool featured
tata Safari swimming pool

The water started leaking from the sheet into the cabin. Within seconds, all the water drained into the cabin. People stuck in the traffic jam noticed the water flowing out of the car. Without any delay, they continued driving forward. However, something triggered the side airbags on the driver’s seat, causing them to deploy.

The explosion was loud and sudden, making the driver almost scream. He was not expecting anything like this to happen. When the vehicle braked, the water surged forward, putting a lot of pressure on the side airbags. The sensor might have detected the pressure as an impact from a crash, causing the airbags to deploy. There is also a possibility that a short circuit triggered the airbag deployment.

This was an extremely dangerous stunt to perform on a public road. The driver was lucky that he didn’t get injured during the explosion. Performing such stunts on public roads is extremely dangerous. The added weight affects the car’s ride and handling. The water that leaked into the cabin can also ruin the carpet and create issues with the electrical components.

We would never recommend anyone to perform such stunts on public roads. This is not the first time we have come across a video like this. A few years ago, we saw a video where the rear of a lorry was converted into a pool. Similarly, a group of friends converted an old Hyundai Santro into a pool as well.

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