Youth stunting on a moving Mahindra Scorpio have a big fall [Video]

Doing stunts using vehicles is extremely dangerous. We have covered several stories in the past explaining why it is not recommended. However, people still engage in it, and in some cases, they get into trouble for doing so. In the past, we have witnessed several examples where stunts have gone wrong, resulting in injuries to individuals. Some even use cars and bikes for college fests to conduct rallies. Here, we have a video of one such event at an educational institute that went terribly wrong. Young students standing on the roof of a Mahindra Scorpio fell onto the road after the car started moving forward.

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The video was shared on Reddit by a user. The exact location and other details are not available. However, judging from the video, it appears to have occurred at a college in South India. It seems that the college students were celebrating some occasion, possibly a festival or a fest. A red Mahindra Scorpio is seen in the video, with three students standing on the roof. One of them is even holding a white flag. In addition to these three, there were girls wearing sarees standing on the side step of the SUV. One of them appeared to be dangerously close to the rear wheel. There were also a couple of girls standing on the rear bumper of the SUV.

When the video starts, the Scorpio was stationary. However, things took a turn for the worse when the SUV started moving. The students standing on the roof of the Scorpio were likely unprepared for this. They were standing without any support. As the car moved forward, these three students lost their balance and started moving backward. They did attempt to regain their balance; however, it was too late. All three of them fell from the top, landing on the girls who were standing on the rear bumper of the SUV.

Youth stunting on a moving Mahindra Scorpio have a big fall [Video]
Students falling from the roof of Scorpio

These three young boys, along with the girls, fell to the ground. The SUV was accelerating aggressively, which is probably why they lost their balance. The car continued to move forward even after the students fell onto the road. We can see that other students had gathered around the car, and they immediately rushed to help them. This was likely a stunt performed to show off, and it does not appear that the group was doing it for social media.

Once again, this video serves as a clear example of why one should not attempt stunts like these on the road. Although this was not a public road, it is still a dangerous activity. We sincerely hope that the students who fell from the moving car did not sustain any injuries and that they have learned a valuable lesson. If you are interested in performing stunts like these, please look for a private property or a designated area and conduct such stunts under the supervision of an expert. Also, take necessary precautions to prevent accidents like this from happening.

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