Women Break Honda Accord’s Windshield To Rescue Puppies Locked In Car For Days [Video]

A incident has become viral on the social media platforms from Delhi. A woman from Chirang Enclave is under heavy criticism for mistreating several puppies. Allegedly, the woman had locked up three puppies inside a car parked outside her house in the area. The situation came to light when other women and social activists arrived at her house to rescue the puppies. A video of the women attempting the rescue has gone viral on social media.

The video shows a female social activist requesting the woman to release the puppies locked inside the car. Reports suggest that the woman had kept the puppies confined for several days and was unwilling to set them free. The video claims that the woman had kept the puppies inside the car for the past four months. However, we are not sure about the exact reason of doing so.

The social activist even touched the woman’s fee and requested her to free the puppies from the car. The incident unfolded on Republic Day 2024. The woman, accused of locking the puppies inside the car, was seen trying to touch the feet of the social activist and insisted on keeping the puppies in the car.

Despite the police accompanying the social activist and other women, the accused woman refused to cooperate. After a prolonged argument, the women accompanying the activist became forceful, breaking the rear windshield of the car to rescue the puppies. The heart-wrenching video of the rescue operation garnered attention on social media, sparking outrage among netizens and animal lovers.

Children often leave pets and children in cars

Women Break Honda Accord’s Windshield To Rescue Puppies Locked In Car For Days [Video]

There have been several instances where parents have left their young children inside vehicles while shopping, and similar cases have been reported involving pets found inside locked cars. This trend, common in many foreign countries, is rapidly catching up in India. Leaving a child or pet inside a locked vehicle without the AC running can be highly dangerous, as studies have shown that the temperature inside a vehicle parked under the sun, with windows closed and no AC, can rise significantly due to the greenhouse effect. In just 10 minutes, the temperature can increase by 20 degrees, and an hour of exposure can raise it by 40 degrees. This quick temperature rise poses a serious risk, especially for children, as their bodies don’t cool down as rapidly as adults. This situation can lead to severe heatstroke and, tragically, even death. Similar risks apply to pets left unattended in hot vehicles.

While there may not be specific rules in India to address these situations, parents can be held accountable for putting the child at risk.

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