Woman Lawyer Gets Mahindra Thar Modified at DC Design: Explains The Mods [Video]

The Mahindra Thar lifestyle off-roader is one of the most popular vehicles in India when it comes to modifying. Over the last few years, we have seen numerous different Thars that have been given extreme amounts of modifications. Recently, a video has been shared online which shows one such extremely modified Thar being delivered to a female advocate. She shares how she bought a Thar and got it modified by DC2 according to her taste.

Lawyer’s Modified Mahindra Thar

The video of the female advocate taking delivery and sharing her experience of her new modified Mahindra Thar has been shared on YouTube by DC2. It starts off with the owner of the car introducing herself and her new SUV.

She states that she bought this Thar because it is the only car that suits her personality. She adds that she is a nature lover and she wants to go off-roading with her Mahindra Thar.

Mahindra Thar modified by DC 2 interior

Following this, she mentions that a lot of people from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and other places modify their Thars by adding bigger wheels that extend out. However, she wanted to make something that is totally unique. The owner then mentions that she has chosen the distinct red interior with dual sunroofs.

She also adds that the new and bigger alloy wheels and the red color chosen by her are her favorite parts of the car. The owner highlights that she will be using this car everywhere she goes. She concludes by saying that she will be taking her Thar to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Mahindra Thar by DC2

Mahindra Thar modified by DC 2

We have already featured this Thar here in Cartoq, and the previous reel revealed all of the modifications done on this car. At the front, this SUV gets a new grille, new LED headlights, a new Jeep Wrangler-style front bumper with a winch.

This car has also been given Amber LEDs on top of the front windshield, which are generally seen on oversized vehicles in the United States of America. On the side profile, it gets a set of massive 22 to 24-inch alloy wheels wrapped in some all-terrain tires and high-gloss black fender flares. Moving on to the rear, it gets new LED taillights.

Mahindra Thar modifed by DC sunroof

Apart from the exterior mods, the car gets a custom interior as well. It has been given fixed sports bucket seats with extra cushioning and red leather. It also gets carbon fiber surrounds that shroud the touchscreen infotainment screen and other bits of the dashboard.

Apart from this main highlight of this Mahindra Thar modified by DC2, are the dual sunroofs. This is a hardtop Thar, and these sunroofs have been fitted to enhance the appeal of the interior. The rear seats have also been modified as the front seats all finished in vibrant red leather.

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