What If Your Clients Could ‘Shop’ Your Listings?

Inside Courtney Poulos’s listings, you’ll find all the trappings of a high-end lifestyle: crystal whiskey decanters and cocktail glasses, luxury furniture sets, fine sculptures and wall art, and even a portable pizza oven. You don’t have to purchase one of Poulos’s homes to enjoy the upscale accoutrements that come with a high-priced property. Poulos helps sell the decorative items in her luxury listings online—and earns a commission on the sales.

She uses Chirpyest, a groundbreaking platform available to members of the National Association of REALTORS® through NAR REALTOR Benefits® that empowers real estate professionals to revolutionize their marketing approach. You can create personalized digital storefronts for each property listing and share the items that achieve the home’s look. Your clients can then shop those items in Chirpyest, which has partnered with more than 800 retailers, including Pottery Barn, The Home Depot, Wayfair and Benjamin Moore, among others.

“It allows us to provide our clients with design guidance—but with a twist,” says Poulos, broker-owner of ACME Real Estate in Los Angeles, a company that specializes in design-forward renovation resale. “Instead of a third party collecting the rewards, we channel that value back into our business.”

Agents share links to their favorite retailers within the storefront, and when a buyer clicks through and makes a purchase, the agent earns a commission. It’s a win-win: The buyer gets quality recommendations, and the agent gets rewarded. Real estate pros also can use Chirpyest for their personal shopping needs. By leveraging the platform’s cash-back feature, you can earn rewards while buying items for yourself. It’s like getting paid to shop.

“I have used Chirpyest to help my clients make their house a home by simplifying the decor process,” says Nicole Mickle, an agent with Olympus Executive Realty in Orlando, Fla., adding that her clients often relocate to the area with distinct design preferences. Mickle also uses her social content to emphasize design styles and share local insights.

Chirpyest has enabled pros like Poulos and Mickle to supercharge their marketing in the following ways:

  • Showcase the best: Agents create customized collections of products related to the property. Whether it’s stylish furniture, smart-home gadgets or chic decor, they curate a visual feast that resonates with potential buyers.
  • Guide buyers: Buyers often struggle with envisioning a space’s potential. By curating a storefront, agents provide inspiration and practical ideas. From kitchen essentials to cozy bedroom setups, every detail matters.
  • Seamless integration: Links to Chirpyest shopping boards and products seamlessly integrate into blog posts, on social media link lists, email and any other form of marketing.

With Chirpyest, Mickle curates rooms effortlessly on her Florida Homes & Living Chirpyest shopping boards, drawing from the platform’s extensive collection of retailers. The result? Clients can easily order the perfect decor items, turning their new houses into personalized homes.

Mickle’s experience with Chirpyest also extends beyond client services. “Personally, I shop using Chirpyest and earn cash back on my own purchases,” she says. But the real magic lies in the professional realm. By integrating Chirpyest, Nicole creates an additional revenue stream while assisting her clients.

Her vision for 2024 is clear: expand her business footprint. She aims to grow in the Jacksonville and Tampa markets, reaching more clients with her unique approach. Additionally, she’s building a national referral network of agents, fostering collaboration and shared success.

For Poulos, she launched a new website for her brokerage in January as she focused on streamlining her team to focus on high-performing agents and introduced ACME’s in-house design firm, Per_Forma. “Our commitment is to showcase more style, substance and performance than ever before,” she says.

So, how does Chirpyest fit into her business plan? “It will certainly be a key part of our success,” she asserts. By leveraging the ACME Chirpyest shopping boards, ACME aims to elevate the buyer experience and continue their upward trajectory.

In the competitive real estate market, innovation is the key to thriving. Chirpyest empowers agents to curate, influence and earn—all while enhancing the buyer experience. So, if you’re a real estate professional looking to level up, consider adding Chirpyest to your toolkit. Your clients—and your wallet—will thank you.

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