Trump Sounds Deeply Crazed In Low Energy Hannity Phone Interview

Trump sounded like a threat to the country during his phone interview with Sean Hannity as he ranted about World War III and what the military did for him.


Trump said:

we got hit with the gift from China, the China virus, that came and we did a fantastic job. The stock market was she hired just prior to the covid-19 coming in. So we have done the job, the military, we defeated ISIS, to go to the terrorists in the world and defeated ISIS, that was a big thank you. I was told it would take 5 years and it took us a couple of months. The military’s fantastic, by the way the military’s not woke, the people on top are woke but the military will never be woke, they are incredible people. What they did for me in the fight for ISIS, we had no wars, we are headed to World War III in my opinion with her this man say me running things.

He is not running things, the people surrounding the Oval Office, resolute desk, the beautiful a resolute desk are running things in Washington I suspect and it’s really bad. He got them into warfare and lawfare, many different terms, you can use. Basically going after let it go opponents using the justice department, using local DAs, using the local attorney generals going after political opponents, nobody has ever seen anything like that. There are those that lit it — read article that it’s been a positive but it’s not a, it’s very unfair, it’s fighting an unfair battle. But he is the one that got us into that.

All of these lawsuits easy and everything else, that is all Joe Biden inspired, meaning Biden people inspired. And I think it is a very sad time for our country, we are not respected anywhere in the world, he is not respected, our countries and very serious trouble. And I’ll tell you what if we are not careful, we will be right in the middle of World War III and that it won’t be a warlike and he would have seen it before because of the weaponry. The weaponry as a whole lot different than two army tanks going up against each other, this is a whole different world. Don’t have a somebody that can properly represent us, there’s no question about that.

Trump thinks the military works for him, and not the United States. The military doesn’t do anything for the president. Trump doesn’t make sense. The top of the military is woke, but the rest isn’t. What does that even mean, except for the idea that Trump can use the woke excuse to fire all of the generals that he doesn’t like and replace them with his own loyalists.

The interview with Hannity was a giant red flag.

Trump hasn’t campaigned in 12 days, and the only interviews that he has done have been by phone.

If the media is going to start asking questions about candidates, they should start with Donald Trump, because his media appearances show that he is unfit for the presidency.

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