Trump Prepares To Debate Biden By Trying To End Bill Maher’s Career

Last updated on June 23rd, 2024 at 01:35 pm

Instead of preparing for the presidential debate, Trump is spending his time attacking Bill Maher and telling conservative media to ignore the comedian.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Bill Maher, the highly overrated “Star” of the ratings challenged show with the Fake, Loud and Obnoxious laughter pouring out of your set every few seconds, even when nothing was said that was funny (which is most of the time!), suffers from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, sometimes referred to as TDS. Republicans should stop using him as a reference point, his show is dead!

Over the last few years, Bill Maher has followed the path traveled by many aging white men who are upset that they can no longer do and say whatever they want with no consequences by finding an audience by appealing to Trump’s political party which is made up mostly of aging white people who are upset that they are losing power in the face of demographic change, and view Trump as a hero because until 2024, he was able to do and say what he wanted without accountability or consequences.

Maher turned himself into MAGA Maher, which is really nothing more than Maher going back to his attitudes and beliefs that he he held in the 1990’s when hosting Politically Incorrect. If anything the fake Maher was the guy who appealed to the left, because otherwise Bill Maher has always drifted right.

Apparently, even MAGA Maher is not enough to spare the HBO host from efforts to kick him out of Trump’s kingdom.

Donald Trump should be preparing for the presidential debate that is coming up in a few days, but he is upset at Bill Maher and trying to get anti-woke pot head grandpa’s name banned from conservative media over some jokes.

Trump is still the same thin-skinned failure that he’s always been. His attitude has never been that someone who is fit to lead the country, but of a person who is trying to start celebrity feuds to land in the tabloids.

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