Trump Is Losing It As He Claims Fascists Are Prosecuting Him

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 06:36 pm

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Trump came up with the conspiracy theory that it is fascists who are controlling the Oval Office who are behind his prosecution.

Trump said, “Such a disgrace. So sad to see what’s happened to our country. Our country is going to hell under Biden, but look at the person, why don’t you look at the person that argued their case to almost the entire case? Look at the, he comes from unbelievable. He came from Biden and I don’t know if it’s Biden because I don’t think Biden has any idea what the hell is happening. But it’s from the fascist circle in the Oval Office. They circle the Resolute Desk. The beautiful resolute desk that’s being stinked up.”


The problem with Trump’s theory that he is being prosecuted by fascists inside the White House is that investigation started before Biden was a presidential candidate. This case has been building since Trump was president, but since the previous Manhattan DA did was reluctant to bring charges against a sitting president, the case sat.

The Manhattan prosecution is not some Biden run plot, but Trump’s wild conspiracy theories suggest that he is planning to be convicted, and he is going to try to politicize his conviction and blame President Biden.

Trump is acting like a defendant who is assuming that he will be convicted.

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