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Trump Doesn’t Testify As Verdict Could Come By The End Of Next Week

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 06:37 pm

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Donald Trump didn’t testify at his criminal trial where a verdict could come as soon as the end of next week.

CNN reported:

Trump didn’t take the stand: Publicly, Trump left open the prospect that he could testify in his own defense, but his attorneys had always seemed to discount the possibility.

Closing arguments set for Tuesday: Now the jury will get a week off thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, with closing arguments set for next Tuesday. A verdict is possible by the end of next week.

Pretend tough guy Trump was never going to testify. If Trump had taken the stand, the cross-examination would have been brutal and probably gotten him a criminal conviction and ended his presidential campaign. Trump lacks the self-discipline to testify.

The hush money trial could have a verdict before next weekend. It is impossible to predict what a jury is thinking or what they will do, but prosecutors presented nearly two dozen witnesses and a vast paper trail documenting the scheme and the crimes. The ex-president has been complaining about the judge and the trial process at every opportunity so it certainly seems like he is planting the seats for an appeal after he is convicted.

However, it is possible that the jury doesn’t think the crimes were proven to be connected to Trump, or that they were not felonies.

The trial phase will come to an end when the jury delivers its verdict, but if Trump is convicted, his legal expenses will balloon even more as the appeals process begins.

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