Trump Could Get Hammered At Sentencing For Gag Order Violations

Legal experts are suggesting that Trump could face a harsher sentence if he is convicted in Manhattan due to his dozens of gag order violations.

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The gag order violations that Trump has officially been found to have committed are at ten, but observers note that there have been many more. Prosecutors are still keeping track of Trump’s comments and could use them to argue for a harsher sentence if Trump is convicted.

Politico reported Trump’s behavior will also factor into the possible sentence that Judge Merchan might impose:

Merchan’s decision about whether to impose prison time or some lesser punishment, like probation, might hinge on how the judge weighs various mitigating or aggravating factors.

“Remorse and the need to promote respect for the law are typically factors that a judge takes into consideration when imposing sentences. Trump’s repeated violations of the gag order certainly demonstrate the lack of remorse and respect for the law,” McQuade said.

The elements working in Trump’s favor for a lighter sentence are that he is a first-time offender, nearly 80 years, and his crimes, if convicted, were non-violent.

However, Trump’s attitude, behavior, lack of remorse, and likelihood of offending again are all factors that could lead to a harsher sentence.

If Trump is found guilty in Manhattan, the major outcome won’t be jail time. It will be a felony conviction. The Republican Party will be running a convicted felon as its nominee, and that may end Trump’s political career and any hopes of victory in 2024.

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