Toyota Fortuner Using Google Maps Gets Stuck On Steps: MapMyIndia CEO Claims His Company’s Maps Better

Yesterday, it was reported that a Toyota Fortuner SUV found itself stuck on a flight of stairs near the picturesque town of Ooty in Tamil Nadu. Now, the main reason behind this Fortuner getting stuck in such a situation was that its driver was following directions from Google Maps. The mishap in Ooty then raised a number of concerns about the dependence on navigation apps. Taking this moment to promote an alternative and talk about the issues with Google Maps, MapMyIndia CEO Rohan Verma shared a tweet giving his thoughts on the matter. He also shared how MapMyIndia is better than Google Maps.

MapMyIndia CEO’s Tweet

The CEO of MapMyIndia, Rohan Verma, who heads the Indian mapping and navigation company, in his tweet expressed sympathy for those facing navigation challenges with Google Maps. He explained how MapMyIndia is a better alternative to Google Maps but clarified that he is not deeming Google’s service as horrible. In his tweet, he stated, “Such incidents are sad, and our heart goes out to the people who suffered. I am not saying Google is horrible, so don’t get me wrong. But I do believe that unfortunately, most people think Google Maps is the ONLY option for navigation and depend on it, for better or worse, which many times lead to such dangerous incidents.”

Verma, with his tweet, suggested that people should explore a fully Indian alternative, which is MapmyIndia, for their mapping needs. He argued that relying on Google Maps alone can lead to perilous situations, emphasizing the importance of having an additional option for cross-verification. According to Verma, MapmyIndia stands out due to its professional-grade physical surveys powered by technology, as opposed to relying on potentially unreliable crowdsourcing.

What else did he add?

In his post, he also claims that the maps have been made and updated through meticulous surveys, providing users with accurate and trustworthy information. The MapmyIndia app reportedly offers advanced safety features such as 3D Junction Views, alerts for road speed limits, speed cameras, speed breakers, potholes, and sharp curves. Verma points out that these features contribute to a safer and more hassle-free driving experience.Toyota Fortuner Using Google Maps Gets Stuck On Steps: MapMyIndia CEO Claims His Company’s Maps Better

Additionally, highlighting the app’s success, Verma mentioned that MapmyIndia has garnered tens of millions of users and has even surpassed Google Maps in rankings on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app received recognition with the Government of India’s Aatmanirbhar App Award and gained support from traffic police authorities who recommend its use due to its integration of official traffic and road safety advisories. Verma in his post has also requested people to try it out for themselves. He stressed that a small effort in downloading the MapMyIndia app could provide users with a valuable second mapping option.

What happened?

Toyota Fortuner Using Google Maps Gets Stuck On Steps: MapMyIndia CEO Claims His Company’s Maps Better

As mentioned above, recently an incident from a place near Ooty, Tamil Nadu was reported. It was stated that a Toyota Fortuner faced an unusual situation after relying on Google Maps for navigation. The SUV, attempting to reach its destination, ended up getting stuck on a flight of stairs. It is unclear how the driver mistakenly took the staircase, but factors such as low visibility at night or the possibility of the navigation mode being set to “Walking” could have contributed to the mishap.

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