This Premier 118 NE Sedan Is In A Pristine Condition [Video]

For those who may not remember, the Premier Automobiles Limited (PAL) was once a revered car brand in the Indian market. It is the same brand that is behind two of the most iconic sedans from the Indian car market. These cars were Padmini and 118 NE, and they became immensely popular in the 1980s. The 118 NE, built on the Fiat 124 foundation, especially emerged as a sought-after upgrade for Padmini owners. Though now no longer in production, enthusiasts still cherish these cars, and some even today drive well-preserved examples of the Premier 118 NE. Recently, a video of one such pristine 118 NE was shared online.

Premier 118 NE in Pristine Condition

The video of this particular pristine condition 118 NE has been shared on YouTube by Deon Gomes on his channel. The video starts off with the presenter showing two Premier 118 NE sedans, of which the off-white 118 NE was his. He states that this particular car has been a cherished part of his family for nearly three decades. Following this, he then shifts his focus to his friend’s impeccably maintained Premier 118 NE. He mentions that it has been painted in the classic grey and blue hues synonymous with Premier cars.

This Premier 118 NE Sedan Is In A Pristine Condition [Video]

The vlogger then mentions that although his friend’s car is missing some elements like ORVMs and stickers, it still looks very beautiful and maintained. He mentions that it is a common challenge for classic car owners sourcing original parts. Gomes highlights that his friend’s car is entirely stock, which in itself is a testament to the owner’s commitment to preserving its originality of this iconic Indian sedan.

Following the walkaround of the exterior, the presenter then goes inside the cabin. He showcases the well-maintained original dashboard, instrument cluster, and the 4-speed manual gear lever. The presenter also mentions that despite having AC vents, the air conditioning unit in his friend’s car is non-functional. He adds that this task will be tackled by his friend in the near future.

Interior of the Car and Owner’s Story

This Premier 118 NE Sedan Is In A Pristine Condition [Video]

Next up, the presenter takes the front passenger seat of his friend’s Premier 118 NE while they go out for a spin. The 27-year-old vehicle impresses the vlogger with its subdued engine noise. He mentions that while there are minor rattling sounds, they are far from intrusive. He acknowledges that his friend’s car feels notably smoother than his own. During the ride, the presenter also sheds light on the unique story behind one owner’s connection to the Premier 118 NE. He mentions how his friend’s grandfather acquired the car from an individual who attended a race at the MMRT in Chennai, adding a personal touch to the vehicle’s history.

Premier 118 NE Engine Specifications

This Premier 118 NE Sedan Is In A Pristine Condition [Video]

Back in the 80s, the iconic Premier 118 NE came powered by a 1171-cc engine. This engine was able to produce a maximum power of 52 bhp and 79 Nm of torque. It came mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. Now the power figures may seem very low compared to the cars that we have in the Indian market at the moment. However, it has to be noted that we are talking about the 1980s, and even having a car was a huge deal at the time.

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