This Mahindra Thar’s Modifications Cost As Much As A Fortuner [Video]

The craze around the current-generation Mahindra Thar doesn’t seem to diminish even after 3 years since its launch. Today, there are several Thar owners who take their new SUVs directly to garages to customize them to their liking. We have featured numerous Thar SUVs on our website in the past. However, you might recall a monster Thar that we had showcased on our website. It appears the owner was getting bored with the current look and decided to make more modifications to the SUV. Here, we have a video showcasing a Mahindra Thar heavily modified with accessories and components worth Rs 42 lakhs.

The video has been shared by Thisisgabru on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Mahindra Thar dropped the SUV at a workshop in Noida. He then drove with his friend to Karol Bagh to pick up some new lights and other items that he bought for the car. The SUV seen here is the soft-top Thar, and the owner wanted to change the soft top fabric on the SUV as the stock one had worn out. He bought a soft top cover, auxiliary lights, an aftermarket infotainment system, and many other things.

At the workshop, the work had already started. The older front grille on the Thar was removed and replaced with another Wrangler-like unit. The vertical slats on the SUV were given a black shade to give it a rough look. The older headlamps were also replaced with new aftermarket projector units. The interior of the SUV was completely stripped, as damping work was done on the floor. The stock touchscreen infotainment system on this car has also been replaced with an aftermarket unit. The speakers have been upgraded, and the car also gets damping under the bonnet.

This Mahindra Thar’s Modifications Cost As Much As A Fortuner [Video]
Thar modified

The auxiliary lamps are installed on the A pillars, and a recovery hook has been installed on the custom-made metal bumpers at the rear. In addition to this, the Mahindra Thar also gets a new suspension setup. The work on the suspension has been done by Moving Metal Garages. The SUV looks extremely tall now, and it comes with a solid axle at the front. This makes the Thar a lot more capable off-road. We get a glimpse of the same at the end of this video. A lift kit has also been installed. Initially, the SUV had a 5-inch lift kit; however, not much information is available about the current one.

Another noticeable change on this vehicle is the wheels. The older 37-inch tires were replaced with new 40-inch units. The fenders were customized to accommodate the new tires. With all these modifications done, the Thar now looks like an absolute beast that can overcome any obstacle. The owner installed a 360-degree camera on this 4×4 to get better visibility while going off-road. The finished product doesn’t look like a Thar anymore. It actually looks like an off-road competition-spec SUV. The video doesn’t mention the exact cost of all these modifications; however, the title of the video states that the SUV now has modifications worth Rs 42 lakh, which is the cost of a brand new Toyota Fortuner (lower variant).

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