This lovingly maintained 21-year old Maruti Zen will bring back your childhood memories [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Zen is one of those hatchbacks that many of us dreamt of buying or modifying at some point. The Zen was actually launched back in 1993 and has received minor updates over time. Maruti even introduced a diesel engine in this hatchback at one point. While there are several iterations of the Zen in the market, the original jelly bean design of the hatchback remained popular among buyers. Even today, the car’s design doesn’t feel dated. Here, we have a video in which a vlogger shows a neatly maintained 2002 model Maruti Zen, which might bring back childhood memories for some.

The video has been uploaded by Baiju N Nair on his YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter talks about the history of Maruti Suzuki Zen and why it became popular among buyers. It was launched in the market at a time when the Maruti 800 was dominating the hatchback segment. The Zen was introduced as a premium version and had several firsts. It was the first Maruti to get power steering, power windows, a rear windshield washer and wiper, and more.

It was also the first in the market to offer a 4-cylinder petrol engine. The car seen in the video looks extremely clean. The owner recently bought it from Thiruvananthapuram. The car was in absolute stock condition, which is why the customer was initially interested in it. Most of the Maruti Zen hatchbacks available in the used car market are modified in one way or another. Vineeth, who is the current owner of the Zen, has bought several old Maruti cars, including a Gypsy, in the past.

This lovingly maintained 21-year old Maruti Zen will bring back your childhood memories [Video]
2002 model Maruti Zen

He mentions that in the last 8 years, he has bought 7 cars, including a brand new Ford Figo. He mentions that he does not like buying new cars at all. The recently bought Zen is an example of the same. He uses these cars as his daily driver and has been getting good fuel economy too. The 993-cc, MPFI engine offers him around 20 kmpl on highways and around 13-15 kmpl within the city. He has not spent a single penny on the car as it was mechanically perfect. He even took the car on a family road trip to Munnar (a hill station), and the car performed without any issues. The car even has ample ground clearance for a bit of off-roading.

He finds the car extremely comfortable and smooth even after more than 20 years. The rounded exterior design of the Zen was considered futuristic and youthful for any car of that time. It was different from the basic, boxy Maruti 800. It was offered as a premium hatchback at that time. The interior is extremely spacious, and the VXI, which was the top-end trim, came with a company-fitted music system and power windows for the front seats. The instrument cluster, bumper, body panels were all kept stock in this car, which is quite rare and adds to the value of the car as well. The presenter even takes the car for a quick drive and was happy to drive a Zen after a very long time. He can be heard saying that the car was bringing back a lot of childhood memories.

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