This Custom Built Vintage Rolls Royce Is Actually A Maruti Gypsy [Video]

Modifications of any sort are illegal in India. However, there are still several workshops that actually deal with such vehicles. Some workshops modify vehicles to look more sporty, while others completely transform the vehicle to the extent that it doesn’t resemble the donor vehicle. Here we have one such vehicle. In this video, the vlogger shows a car that looks like a classic Rolls Royce vehicle. He was surprised to realize that this Rolls Royce is actually based on a Maruti Gypsy.

The video has been shared by Small Town Rider on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his friend were visiting a workshop where they had dropped their Gypsy for customization. While checking on their vehicle, they came across a uniquely styled car in the workshop yard. The car had a Rolls Royce logo and grille at the front, which attracted the vlogger.

The vlogger started checking out the vehicle, and he soon realized that it is a custom-made vehicle. He began looking for signs that would reveal the donor vehicle. He couldn’t recognize the vehicle for a long time as it was completely transformed. The car was built at some workshop in Punjab, and the owner of the car probably dropped it at the workshop for some repair work.

This is a car used for wedding processions and other functions. We have seen several videos from Punjab in the past where they build or customize jeeps and other vehicles in this manner. The vlogger then lifted the bonnet and checked the engine under the hood. He found that the car was using a Suzuki engine. He then checked the cabin and realized that the instrument cluster is from a Gypsy. He soon started suspecting that his car is based on Gypsy.

This Custom Built Vintage Rolls Royce Is Actually A Maruti Gypsy [Video]
Gyspy to Rolls Royce

The vlogger and his friend then got in touch with someone from the workshop who handed them the keys. The vlogger soon realized that this is built on a Gypsy and was excited about it. All the body panels on this car were custom-made. The car was designed to look like a vintage car, with a long bonnet, chrome bumpers, round headlamps, and clear lens tail lamps giving it a retro look. Many of the parts on this car are borrowed from Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The car also gets custom interiors with a leather-wrapped dashboard, steering wheel, door pads, and so on. To give it a retro look, the windscreen wiper is also placed on the top. The car comes with a fabric roof that can be removed to make it look like a convertible. There are rivets on the doors, adding character and a retro look to the car. This is an extremely long vehicle both in the front and rear. It is not clear if the car comes with full-time 4WD or if it is now a 2WD Gypsy, as there are physical levers seen in the cabin. Whatever the reason may be, it is definitely a good-looking Rolls Royce replica. It should be noted that cars like these are not road legal, and the chances of cops stopping it and issuing a fine or getting it seized are pretty high. It is always safe to use such vehicles on private properties to avoid such issues.

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