The Stench Of Political Death Is Growing Around Trump’s Campaign

The candidate spends most of his time ranting about his criminal trials. The campaign is struggling to raise money from voters, and there is no swing state operation, as the Trump campaign reeks of political death.

“In order to win close elections in Georgia, you have to have a ground game that emphasizes turning out early votes and absentee votes,” said Cody Hall, a senior adviser to Gov. Brian Kemp (R). “I have seen no evidence of them having any of that. The Trump campaign has a consultant in Georgia, but there is nothing else that I can see. … Everyone is generally concerned.

“There is no sign of life,” said Kim Owens, a Republican operative and public relations professional in Arizona. “Especially in a state that Trump lost so closely last time, you’d expect to have more of a presence. I would think, ‘Let’s step it up.’ I think it’s a terrible mistake.”

In Michigan, some of the state’s operatives and Republican lawmakers have grown concerned about a lack of an operation there, according to four people familiar with the matter, even as they feel generally bullish about the state.

Trump’s Campaign Funds Are Going To Pay Lawyers

Small donors aren’t giving to Trump like they used to, so the ex-president has been turning to billionaires and special interests to fund his campaign.

Trump’s big problem is that much of the money that he is raising is going to pay legal bills. The Trump campaign has tried to spin the situation as the ex-president running a leaner and meaner operation, but since he wasted $1 billion in campaign funds in 2020, Donald Trump has struggled to raise cash.

Trump is increasingly trying to cut deals with potentially wealthy donors like Big Oil, but this is a very different operation from 2016. There is no campaign arm mobilizing potential voters, and since took over the RNC and turned it into his personal operation, there is no partywide effort in the swing states.

It sounds like swing state Republican parties are out there on their own while Biden and the Democrats are building a massive get-out-the-vote operation.

Trump’s campaign reeks of electoral death, and if the situation continues for much longer, the GOP could be looking at another Trump-led loss in 2024.

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