Tata Nexon iCNG With Turbo Petrol Engine Shown At Bharat Mobility Global Expo [Video]

Tata Motors is one of the major car manufacturers in India at the moment. The first-ever season of the Bharat Mobility Global Expo kicked off in Delhi today, and at the Expo, Tata Motors showcased a couple of new models to the media. One such SUV unveiled at the expo is the all-new Tata Nexon iCNG. Tata unveiled the SUV at the expo, and the launch of the same is expected to happen sometime later this year. It is also the first-ever turbocharged petrol engine car in the country to come with a CNG setup. Here we have a video that shows what makes Tata Nexon iCNG different from others in the crowd.

The video has been shared by Bunny Punia on his YouTube channel. In this quick walkaround video, we get to see all the changes that this version of the Nexon has from the regular version. Starting with the exterior design, everything remains the same and as the recently launched facelifted version. It gets a connecting LED bar at the front that joins the dual-function LED DRLs, the split headlamp set up, alloy wheels, tail lamps—everything remains the same.

What makes this different is the new CNG setup in the boot. Tata has now introduced their CNG system in the Nexon as well. This way, customers can have the best of both worlds. As this is a turbo petrol engine, customers can enjoy the driving experience without worrying about fuel efficiency as it runs on CNG. Tata Motors has included the same twin-cylinder setup in the Nexon where the boot space of the car is not compromised. They have placed two CNG gas cylinders instead of one large one in the boot.

Tata Nexon iCNG With Turbo Petrol Engine Shown At Bharat Mobility Global Expo [Video]
Nexon iCNG

This is neatly placed under the carpet, and the boot of the car can be used as in a regular vehicle. The spare wheel on the Tata Nexon has been moved from the boot and is placed under the floor of the car. This is again a smart move from Tata to free up more space in the boot. Other than this, there are minor cosmetic changes in the car to indicate that this is the iCNG variant and not the regular petrol or diesel version. The engine on this Nexon iCNG remains the same as the regular petrol version. It is powered by a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged unit that generates 120 Ps and 190 Nm of peak torque. With the addition of the CNG cylinder and other components, Tata would have made some changes to the suspension and also the engine tune to make it economical compared to the regular version. The exact power and torque figures of the Nexon iCNG are not mentioned in the video, but it is expected to be less when compared to the petrol version. Other details like the price, range, and the fuel economy of the all-new Nexon iCNG are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks or months. With the introduction of iCNG, Nexon has become the only SUV in the country to come with petrol, diesel, electric, and CNG options.

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