Tata Dealer Delivers Damaged Nexon SUV: Woman Customer Refuses To Take Delivery [Video]

Tata Motors is currently one of the leading car manufacturers in India. They have a variety of SUVs in their lineup, all known for their build quality, which has also helped Tata increase their overall sales. While they are renowned for producing sturdy vehicles, several incidents have come to our attention where customers complained about the quality and fit and finish of the products. Here, we have one such incident from Pune, where a customer’s dream of buying a new car turned into a nightmare after Tata dealerships attempted to deliver a car with scratches and defects.

The video has been shared by bhardwajsh23 on their Instagram page. The customer posted a video with a caption that explained the whole scenario. According to the customer, she went to book the car alone, and that was the beginning of the scam. She made the booking and went to the dealership on 21 January to take delivery. This was her first car, and she was extremely excited, as one should be. She had made the bookings at Devaki Motors, Pune.

Before taking the delivery, the dealership did not let her perform the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). They told her that the warehouse is located very far from the dealership, and the staff asked her to trust them in the process. The car was already registered with the RTO, and when the customer went to take the delivery, she was shocked to see her car. Upon inspection, she found that the car had damaged parts, several scratches on body panels, and also on the connecting LED bar.

Tata Dealer Delivers Damaged Nexon SUV: Woman Customer Refuses To Take Delivery [Video]
brand new Nexon with damage

The customer had opted for the top-end Fearless variant, and even on the top-end variant, the seat cover was torn. The door pads on this brand new SUV also had damages, as seen in the video posted here. The car had other issues like cobwebs, dust, and the camera on this car was also not functioning properly. The customer also shared that the car had done 112 km even before she took delivery. The customer refused to take the delivery, and upon confronting, she didn’t have a good experience with the dealership staff either.

According to the customer, she complained about the issues to the manager and refused to take the delivery. In response, the staff replied, “you cannot do anything; you have to take that car only. And no one can help you in this.” The customer also mentions that the dealership staff is now putting pressure on her to take the delivery of the Nexon. They want her to take the delivery after the car is repaired, and they also will be changing the odometer readings on the SUV illegally before delivering it again.

The customer is currently seeking help from Tata Motors management. She also wants to make this video viral so that other people will be careful. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened in India. There was a case in December where a brand new Tata Nexon facelift had water in the headlamp. The customer refused to take the delivery. When the post went viral, Tata Motors got involved and issued an apology to the customer for the inconvenience.

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