Suzuki Hayabusa Superbike Rider As Swiggy Delivery Boy Pranks Customer: Reaction Video

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of prank videos on the internet. There is a section where people actually prank others using expensive cars and bikes. We have seen videos where people actually get expensive cars or bikes when they book a ride using Uber or any other online cab booking app. We have also seen social media influencers acting as food delivery partners and delivering food to customers on superbikes. Here, we have a video where a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike rider pranks a customer by acting as a Swiggy delivery agent.

The video has been shared by HSB official on his YouTube channel. It should be noted that this is a completely scripted video, and the vlogger tries his best to make it look natural. The video starts with the vlogger explaining his plan to the viewers. He mentions that he is acting as a Swiggy delivery agent and he wanted to see how people would react when they see a delivery agent on a superbike.

The vlogger sits on the bike and rides away. He then acts like he picked up an order and was on his way to deliver the food. He rides the bike and comes back to the same location where he started the video and calls the customer. A girl picks up the call and asks the vlogger to come inside the house and hand over the order. The vlogger asks the customer to come out as his leg was injured.

The girl who was acting as the customer walks into the frame and acts surprised to see the biker. She asks if he was the person who was delivering her order. The vlogger nods to that and starts acting like the delivery agent. The girl then asks the rider if the bike belongs to him or not. The vlogger says that it is his bike and he decided to take it out as his scooter had some issues. The girl was acting surprised and even asked how he could afford it. To this, the biker told her that Swiggy delivery partners earn well too.

Suzuki Hayabusa Superbike Rider As Swiggy Delivery Boy Pranks Customer: Reaction Video
Swiggy delivery on Hayabusa

Later, the vlogger creates some drama in the video by not delivering the food that the customer ordered. Instead, he delivers biscuits and stones in a disposable package. The customer was angry, and she even calls the restaurant to complain about the same. After a lot of drama, the vlogger reveals that he was doing a prank on her and he also told the customer that he’ll be returning the money that the girl spent on her order. The girl then asked the Hayabusa rider to give her a ride on his bike. For this, he removed the bag that was placed on the pillion seat. He removed the straps and kept it aside. The girl, who claims to be a teacher, then sits on the pillion seat, and the rider takes the bike for a spin. The girl was really impressed with the bike, and the biker finishes the video after he drops the girl at the same spot from where he picked her up.

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