Stupid Biker Using Phone Nearly Gets Run Over By Bus After Hitting Scooterist [Video]

One of the worst things that Indian drivers do on the road is use their mobile phones. This may not seem as big of a problem to some citizens. However, we can assure you that after seeing the following video, you’ll become shocked. Recently, a video was shared online in which a bike rider, due to the use of a mobile phone on the road, nearly died. He was using his phone on the road, and due to this, he nearly came under the wheels of a bus.

Idiot rider on phone causes near-death accident

This video of the heart-stopping accident has come courtesy of Road Talli from YouTube. It starts with a scooter rider minding his own business and riding his scooter on the left side of the lane. We can then note a person on the bike was also riding just behind him.

Now the problem with this particular bike rider was that he was clearly busy checking out his phone. What happened next was that he got so busy while using the phone that he did not notice the scooter rider, and he eventually crashed into the rear of this scooter rider.

Normally, this would have been a minor rear-ended accident due to distracted driving. However, in this particular scenario, it became a life-threatening accident. This is because these two-wheeler riders were being followed by a local bus.

distracted driver almost dead

How did the accident happen?

What happened in the next moment was that after the crashing with the scooter rider, the bike rider came directly in front of the bus’ path. And as it also happened so quickly, the bus driver could not brake in time.

However, with some massive stroke of luck, despite getting his bike entirely crushed by the bus, the bike rider escaped the accident without coming under the bus. Had this happened, he would have been immediately dead as the bus driver could not stop the bus on time.

Also, thankfully, the scooter rider, after falling, had a significantly larger distance from the bus. So he totally avoided coming under the bus. However, it also had fallen towards the right side of the lane. He could have also lost his life.

Lessons to learn from this accident


The first and the biggest lesson to be learned from this accident is to never use a mobile phone while driving. The entire fault in this accident was of the bike rider who was distracted while riding his bike. Over the years, we have seen numerous such cases, so it is advisable to everyone to never use mobile phones while driving.

The other bigger lesson is to always wear a helmet. We can note that both riders were not wearing any helmet. Wearing a helmet plays a crucial role during accidents as it can save the most important body part of a human, that is their head. So always wear a helmet while riding two-wheelers.

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