Steve Bannon Reports To Prison Monday After SCOTUS Rejection

Last updated on June 30th, 2024 at 03:26 pm

Steve Bannon will report to prison on Monday after the Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal.

Here is the bad news for Bannon:

Steve Bannon will report to federal prison on Monday to serve a four month sentence for contempt of Congress after he defied a subpoena from the 1/6 Committee.

Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republican leadership tried to save Bannon with an amicus brief to the court where Republicans claimed that Bannon’s conviction should be overturned because the 1/6 Committee was illegally constructed, which was a doomed argument because the construction of the committee was based on previous select committees that were used to investigate things like 9/11.
Not even a brief from their pal, Speaker Mike Johnson could sway the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to hear his appeal. Bannon is an embodiment of lawless attitude of Trump and his criminal lackeys, and now he is going to be doing time.

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