Stephen Colbert Destroys Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

Stephen Colbert made the key point that Alito claims that Supreme Court justices are neutral, but Alito can’t be neutral if he is supporting insurrectionists.

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Colbert said:

You’ll recall, Alito got into some trouble when people found out that after January 6th, he displayed a symbol of the “Stop the steal” movement, by flying an upside-down American flag outside his house. Alito took the high road and blamed his wife for this. Controversy over. And started again. Because we’ve now learned that a second flag carried by January 6th rioters was displayed outside a different house owned by Justice Alito. That’s right, a second flag at a second home. Alito’s second wife better watch her back.

Speaker Mike Johnson has also hung the flag outside his office. When asked about it, he sai: “It’s George Washington’s flag. It has nothing to do with stop the steal.” Yes, it does! When a nearly forgotten symbol is brought back and widely co-opted, you don’t get to use it in the old way. If a guy named Brandon says, “Actually, this swastika above my bed is referring to the ancient Sanskrit symbol for good luck,” he’s a Nazi, Cheryl! Get out of there! I don’t care if his haircut is crisp. You know, the crisp haircut.

Besides, Mike Johnson is a political figure. It’s one thing if he wants to fly the team flag.Sam Alito keeps saying that everyone on the Supreme Court is completely unbiased and non-political! I mean, there’s nothing wrong if Aaron Judge wears a Yankees Jersey, but it’s different if the umpire does it! Balls and strikes, right? Balls and strikes.


Colbert was correct. Alito is one of the justices in the conservative majority who keeps telling the American people that the Supreme Court is neutral. All the while, Alito is flying flags supporting Trump’s overthrow of the United States government.

A justice can’t be neutral when they are flying a flag supporting the destruction of democracy at their homes.

Justice Alito is such a problem that he has now made it into the pop culture landscape on late-night talk shows, and it is never a good sign for the Supreme Court when their corruption has made it onto the late-night talk shows.

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