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Sen. John Fetterman Blasts Republican Hypocrites For Voting Against Border Bill

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) blasted Senate Republicans for yelling about securing the border and then blocking a border security bill.

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After Senate Republicans blocked the bipartisan border security bill from advancing by a vote of 43-50, Sen. Fetterman said, “I voted yes on this bill once again because I know we must secure our border, and this bill would help do that. But I am tired of this political theater. I have Republican colleagues who will spend all day yelling on the floor about border security but voted against this bill because they’d rather campaign on the issue than actually address it.”

Democrats should continue to bring up the border security bill through the 2024 election. If Republicans want to run on border security, then Democrats should run on their solution to securing the border that Republicans won’t vote for. The next question that Republicans should face is what their plan for securing the border is.

It is obvious that their plan to secure the border is the Senate bipartisan border bill that Donald Trump will not allow them to pass because he has centered his presidential campaign around the issue.

Fetterman was right. This is political theater that Republicans are using to try to take back control of the Senate. However, if Biden and the Democrats win in November, the border bill that Republicans have rejected twice should vanish forever.

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