RNC’s Election Integrity Lawyer Arraigned For Election Crimes

Christina Bobb, the RNC’s election integrity lawyer, was arraigned on criminal charges related to the fake elector scheme in Arizona.

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MSNBC.com reported:

The defendants appeared in court, in person and virtually, on Tuesday in Phoenix. Giuliani, who appeared without a lawyer, called in, telling the judge that he didn’t have a copy of the indictment but has a “general familiarity with the charges from reading it in the newspapers.” He pleaded not guilty.

Others arraigned Tuesday include former Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward and Christina Bobb, who served as a 2020 Trump campaign adviser and is now an “election integrity” lawyer for the Republican National Committee. They all pleaded not guilty.

Rudy Giuliani is the big headliner in this group, but it is unfathomable that the “election integrity” lawyer for the Republican National Committee is facing criminal charges for election-related crimes, and it doesn’t generate even a ripple in mainstream media coverage.

People who tried to steal the last election for Donald Trump have been elevated within the Republican National Committee and the media doesn’t even blink.

The same corporate media that treats democracy like the American people don’t care if they lose their freedoms. The same people who tried to steal the last election and have been criminally charged are lining up to do the same thing again, and the media is meeting this reality with a collective shrug.

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