Riding motorcycle wearing sandals? Rs. 1,000 fine!

Most of you reading this article drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or use any other two-wheeler on a daily basis. While most of us are aware of the basic rules on the road, there are a few that we often ignore or overlook, knowingly or unknowingly. One such law is against riding a geared motorcycle with chappals/sandals. It is not uncommon to see someone riding a bike or scooter wearing chappals in India. Under the amended Motor Vehicles Act, you can be fined Rs. 1,000 for riding a geared motorcycle while wearing chappals/sandals. Repeat offenders could even face a jail term of 15 days.

Riding motorcycle wearing sandals? Rs. 1,000 fine!
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There is a reason behind implementing this rule. In India, the number of people riding a two-wheeler is very high. The logic behind this rule is very simple. If you are wearing chappals, the chances of the chappal or sandal interfering in the gear-shifting process are high. This could make the rider lose control and potentially lead to an accident. There is also a chance that the rider’s foot might slip from the footrest and accidentally apply the rear brakes, causing them to lose control. Another reason why wearing chappals while riding a two-wheeler is not allowed is that a chappal or sandal does not offer any sort of protection to the rider’s feet. In case of an accident, the rider’s feet are what come in contact with the road first if they fall. If that happens, the feet are completely unprotected, increasing the chances of severe injuries to the feet. To ensure protection, riders must wear riding boots while on a bike; however, they are not the most practical option for most people.

Most riding boots are designed to protect the feet from injuries in case of an accident. It is mostly because of practical reasons why many people do not buy or prefer chappals or slippers. If you think riding boots are too expensive or impractical, a good alternative would be shoes that completely cover your feet. Most cops in India are aware of these rules; however, they often let this happen as many of them riding two-wheelers follow similar practices. But if you are stopped by a cop one day and asked to pay Rs. 1,000 for wearing chappals while riding a bike, don’t be surprised as we have already warned you. Riding gear is extremely important for a two-wheeler rider. These gears protect riders in case of accidents. Many people, due to their lack of knowledge, often associate these gears with racing. We have come across several cases in the past where locals have actually called cops after spotting riders wearing proper riding gear and jackets in their locality. Riding gear, including the jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, and even pants, is meant to protect the rider. They can be used on a daily basis if you are willing to do so. In India, we have seen people use these gears usually when they are on a road trip. A good quality riding helmet is the most basic gear one must have if he or she is riding a two-wheeler. Via: India Times

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