Remember the Kinetic Luna from your childhood? It’s coming back soon as an EV

One of the most iconic two-wheelers ever launched in India is the Kinetic Luna. This small 50cc moped, launched back in 1972, revolutionized the personal transportation space in the country. Now, years later, Kinetic Green, the electric vehicle subsidiary of Kinetic Engineering, has teased us with the electric version of this popular two-wheeler. According to the company, the E-Luna will make its debut around the month of February in the country, and its bookings will commence from January 26th.

E-Luna Launch Teaser

Kinetic Green E-Luna

Kinetic Green has stated that from January 26th, the Republic Day of India, the company will commence the bookings, and interested customers can reserve an E-Luna for Rs 500. At the moment, the exact details about the design and electric powertrain of this iconic Indian two-wheeler have not been revealed by the company. However, it has been stated that it will be creating a unique segment in the country, which will cater to both functionality of personal commuting and small business transportation.

Sharing the exciting news, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green, said, “We are delighted to announce that the iconic Luna is making a comeback in a brand-new electric avatar. Today, Kinetic Green embarks on a journey down memory lane. The E-Luna is set to be launched in early February 2024, with bookings opening on Republic Day, January 26, 2024.” She added, “With impressive technical specifications, performance capabilities, a robust set of features, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, the E-Luna will distinguish itself as a versatile and practical choice for consumers in the new Bharat. We are excited to tell the consumers that it is once again time to say, ‘Chal Meri Luna, iss baar Petrol ke Bina!’”

Luna: An Indian Icon

Chal meri luna ad

For those who may not be aware, Luna is an iconic two-wheeler that emerged in the pre-liberalization era of India. It holds a special place in the country’s automotive history since it was first introduced in 1972 by the Pune-based Kinetic Group. Soon after its launch, Luna quickly became a household name as the nation’s first moped. Its unique slim design, which combined the elements of a bicycle and a motorbike, became very popular. The lightweight 50cc moped not only offered a convenient mode of transportation but also highlighted the transition of Indian people from cycle to motorcycle.

Arun Firodia was the visionary behind Luna, who at the time faced significant challenges in creating a durable and lightweight vehicle capable of withstanding India’s challenging road conditions. Firodia, during Luna’s development, focused on innovation. Along with his team, he conducted extensive road trials on rough terrains. Luna was also tested under overloaded conditions, ensuring that it could endure poor-quality roads, a dusty atmosphere, adulterated petrol, and overloading.

Kinetic Luna Advertisement

All these efforts then came to the fruition of the iconic Luna. The Luna especially gained more popularity in the country after the “Chal Meri Luna” advertisement campaign aired on television. It showed the study and durable nature of this small city commuting two-wheeler.

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