Rachel Maddow Blasts Republicans For Showing Up At Trump’s Trial To Attack Judicial System

Rachel Maddow blasted Republicans for showing up at Trump’s trial and attempting to damage or destroy the judicial system.

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Maddow said (Transcript via Alex Wagner Tonight’ / MSNBC):


What you’re getting is these members of Congress saying we’re here to support him, and the American legal system is illegitimate and corrupt and the judge is corrupt. And let me tell you about the judge’s family… When instead you’ve got a political party saying the American legal system should be gotten rid of because it’s corrupt, and the people involved in it are corrupt and bad and evil and persecuting you and me.

That is something totally different. That is corrosive to the legal system at a minimum and potentially fundamentally destructive to it if that’s going to become the new platform on which the Republican Party, makes the case to the American people that they should be put back in full power.


Maddow also pointed out that the members of Congress who have been showing up in court aren’t doing so to support Trump but for political reasons. She said that there is a big difference between supporting someone in court and people in power using their position to attack the judicial system.

Republicans aren’t trying to support Trump. The Republicans that come to court have the motive of delegitimizing any conviction for political gain.

If Donald Trump weren’t the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, how many of these people would show up to support him?

The Republicans who showed up for Trump don’t care about him. They are using his trial to boost their own political brands in an election year.

The GOP is willing to destroy the judicial system for their political gain, and that is the clearest lesson from Trump’s MAGA parade at the courthouse.

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