Putin Pal Rand Paul Is Trying To Delay Ukraine Aid Vote

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is telling reporters that he wants to delay the vote on aid to Ukraine for as long as possible.

Bloomberg’s Jack Fitzpatrick posted:

Sen. Rand Paul says he wants to drag out a vote on foreign aid as long as possible.

“The longer it takes them, the better. And I’ve told them that if they’re going to make us come back next week then we might as well be here the whole time.”

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Sen. Paul’s statement is the most blatantly pro-Russia stance imaginable. Ukraine needs the aid right away. It is an emergency situation, so Paul  wants to slow walk everything. This means that even if the House speeds through the bill and passes it quickly, Paul is going to use all of the procedural delay tactics at his disposal to make the Senate jump through hoops, so that aid won’t get to President Biden’s desk until potentially later next week.

By delaying aid, Sen. Paul is doing Putin’s bidding. The pro-Russia Republicans in the House and Senate are not on the side of US national security. Paul is publicly working against the security interests of the nation as an elected official who has taken an oath to defend the constitution against foreign enemies.

The bill will pass the Senate eventually, but Rand Paul plans to do all that he can to buy Putin more time.

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