Protesting school girls destroy education officer’s Mahindra Scorpio SUV [Video]

The condition of government schools in many parts of the country is disheartening. We are not generalizing, but there are schools in numerous areas that still lack basic facilities today. Recently, girl students from one such school in Bihar protested against the inadequate facilities. The student demonstration escalated, leading to the vandalism of an Education Department officer’s car. A video of the girls damaging the car has already surfaced online.

The video you see here was shared by PTI on X (formerly Twitter). The incident occurred in Mahnar block of Vaishali district in Bihar. The students were protesting the lack of facilities in the government school, and according to reports, the protest turned violent after the students were allegedly assaulted by a female police officer. In the circulating online video, a group of girls in school uniforms can be seen vandalizing a Mahindra Scorpio SUV. While most of the girls are wielding sticks and striking the car, one of them standing in front of the car picks up a rock and hurls it at the front windshield of the SUV.

The car’s windshield is clearly damaged, and we can also observe students hurling water jugs. Bystanders watching the car destruction can be seen, but police officers are not visible at the scene. The female police officer, who is accused of mistreating the students based on their allegations, claimed she wasn’t feeling well, and her health was deteriorating.

Protesting school girls destroy education officer’s Mahindra Scorpio SUV [Video]
Girl students vandalising car

The students completely blocked the main road of Mahnar Mohiuddinagar near Madan Chowk and Patel Chowk. Following this incident, security in the area has been heightened. It remains unclear how the Education Department or the officer responded to this incident. Currently, it is uncertain whether any action has been taken against the students or the police officer who is accused of allegedly assaulting the students. The video received mixed reactions from viewers. Some supported the way the students reacted, while others believed that a violent demonstration and car vandalism were unnecessary.

One user wrote, “Let’s hope something positive comes out of this.” Another user wrote, “This is not the way to protest… TRUE EDUCATION DOESN’T TEACH THIS… True education teaches how to address the issue without resorting to violence!!!” We are unsure whether any action will be taken against the girls, as most of them were likely minors. We genuinely hope that the authorities thoroughly discuss the matter and devise a solution to the problems faced by these students at school. This is not the first time we have seen a protest like this against the government or an authority. A few years ago, a video of youths carrying a Yamaha Ray-Z automatic scooter for 8 kilometers on their shoulders from Uttarakhand went viral. This was actually a protest against the government’s failure to build proper roads in their area.

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