Ominous Sign For Trump As Jury Is Locked In On Prosecution During Closing Argument

The jury is described as attentive and locked into what prosecutors say during the closing arguments of the Trump trial.

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CNN reported:

Jurors are paying attention to prosecutor Joshua Steinglass as he delivers his closing argument.

Many of their eyes are trained on him. Others are looking at the monitors, which right now are showing text messages that are put on a chart by prosecutors.

Steinglass also made an important point about why this case matters and how it is election interference:

You may say who cares if Mr. Trump slept with a porn star 10 years before the 2016 election. Many people feel that way. It’s harder to say the American people don’t have the right to decide for themselves whether they care or not. 

The value of this corrupt bargain cannot be overstated.

It turned out to be one of the most valuable contributions anyone ever made to the Trump campaign…This scheme cooked up by these men at this time could very well be what got President Trump elected.

Trump won by such a small margin that common sense suggests that one more negative story like the Stormy Daniels scandal would have finished Trump off in the minds of enough voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to lose the election.

If Trump loses in 2016, there would be no Trump in 2020, or 2024. This one criminal plot got the presidency and ownership of the Republican Party.

That is why this case matters. The hush money scheme and falsification of business records made Donald Trump’s entire political career possible, and that is why he must be held accountable for these crimes.

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