Ola S1 Owner Uses Crane To Hang Scooter To Demonstrate ‘Strength Of Accessories’ [Video]

Despite some niggles faced by owners initially, the Ola S1 has evolved with changes that ensured better quality levels with time. The owners too are taking note of these changes and have tried to gain traction on the internet by testing its quality levels through various tests. This time, we came across a video in which an Ola S1 owner tried to test the quality of accessories available for the scooter by letting it undergo a rather weird test of hanging it on a crane.

In an Instagram video shared by a user named Shantanu Patel, the owner of the Ola S1 scooter puts the durability of aftermarket accessories available for the scooter to test. The Ola S1 owner takes the tubular body kit protectors for the durability test, which he ordered from an aftermarket company named “Favourite Auto Accessories”. In the video, the S1 electric scooter owner tries to demonstrate the strength of these protectors by hanging the scooter on a crane for some time.

The video shows the Ola S1 equipped with the standard body protector kit and the one he ordered from Favourite Auto Accessories. In the first case, when the scooter was equipped with a standard body kit and hung on the crane, the body kit came out loose with misaligned joints and bends. In the second case, the scooter was equipped with the “stronger” body kit ordered from Favourite Auto Accessories, and the results were different.

Ola S1 Owner Uses Crane To Hang Scooter To Demonstrate ‘Strength Of Accessories’ [Video]

In the video, the Ola S1 owner claims that after equipping the electric scooter with the stronger body protection kit, the scooter remained hung for almost an hour at a height of 12 feet. However, this time, there were no instances of the kit loosening out or facing damage, thus proving the durability of the kit. The Ola S1 owner concludes the video by recommending this stronger body protection kit to all the S1 owners, saying that this kit will help minimise the impact on body panels in an accident or a fall. However, in real-life situations, the bad patches of roads test the real quality of such accessories. With constant vibrations from the roads and extremity of the bad patches prove to be the real test. Over a period, such constant vibrations and movements may cause the accessories to lose and rattle.

Launched in 2021, the Ola S1 electric scooter has come a long way, eventually ranking as the country’s highest-selling electric scooter. Despite the arrival of newer scooters in the market and changes in subsidies for electric scooters, the Ola S1 has faced minimal dents in its sales performance. The Ola S1 range now starts with the S1X affordable electric scooter, with the S1 Air and S1 Pro being the more premium models from the homegrown brand.

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