Ola Electric Scooter Catches Fire While Charging: Destroys 2-storey House And Leaves People Injured [Video]

Electric vehicles catching fire has now become a very common incident around the world lately. We now have an incident reported from Chhattisgarh’s Raipur where an Ola electric scooter that was plugged to the charger caught fire at night. The scooter not only caught fire but it also destroyed a 2 storey building and also left the occupants in the house injured. Video of the house along with the remains of the scooter that caused the fire have been circulating online since the last couple of days.

The video seen here has been shared by Luzina Khan. The video has been shared by the social media influencer on Instagram and Facebook. The video shows a bunch of burnt scooters that were parked outside a house in the Chhattisgarh’s Raipur. The video mentions that the the customer had plugged the Ola electric scooter to charge at night as usual. The video mentions that this was a usual practice as the scooter would automatically cut off power when the battery is fully charged.

When the customer plugged the scooter last time things didn’t go as per plan. They plugged the scooter at night and at around 4-5 am, the scooter caught fire. Not only did the scooter catch fire but, it also destroyed other vehicles that were parked next to it. From the video it looks like the parking had 2 more scooters other than the Ola scooter.

Ola Electric Scooter Catches Fire While Charging: Destroys 2-storey House And Leaves People Injured [Video]
aftermath of Ola scooter fire

The fire destroyed all three scooters and started spreading to the two storey house. The exterior and interior of the house is completely destroyed in fire. When this accident happened, 7 poeple were present in the house. They informed the fire brigade and they responded immediately. They brought the fire under control. The electric scooter belonged to 38-year old Dr. Faizan and he told media that he had plugged the scooter to charge at around 1:30 am. They heard an explosion at around 5:30 am and found that the scooter had caught fire.

The fire immediately spread to other vehicles and also their house. As the fire had completely engulfed the front of the house, the people living in it were unable to escape from the main door. There were old people and children in the home. They were all trapped in the house and finally escaped through the roof and balcony of the building. Dr. Faizan, his wife and mother suffered injuries from fire. Other members of the family also suffered injuries after breathing the toxic smoke that got trapped in the house. All the members were then transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

It is not clear whether Ola Electric has responded to this incident or has even started an investigation in this matter. This is not the first time we have seen an Ola electric scooter catch fire. Last year in December we came across an incident where an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter caught fire and destroyed a furniture shop in Kerala’s Malappuram. Similarly in October, an Ola electric scooter caught fire at a parking lot in Pune. There are electric vehicles from other brands that have caught fire in the past as well including cars like Tata Nexon EV and Volvo C40 EV.

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