Moms Are Going Crazy For This New Potty Training Bullseye Target Light

As a mom that potty trained boys, I can say this new potty training target for boys is complete genius! This new target toilet seat gadget will have them aiming better when potty training boys.

potty training target helps boys learn toilet techniques in a fun way - boy standing up to pee
Love this potty training target idea!

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Potty Training Target That Fits On Toilet for Boys

Gadgets that make life easier are a beautiful thing especially when it comes to parenting. Recently, a new gadget was released to help with potty-training and moms are going crazy over it!

If potty-training is on your mind (and all over your bathroom floor) right now, this might just be for you.

Toddler Target for POtty Training

Introducing the Toddler Target.

  • The Toddler Target is a device that offers to make potty training a dream!
  • No mess, no stress, easy and fun for all ages!
potty training target for boys - motion activated bullseye illuminated laser beam
The toilet seat mounted light projects a bullseye into the toilet bowl right where you need a potty training target!

Toilet Target Make Potty Training a Game

Designed to help your toddler with his aim game, Toddler Target is the latest in potty training tech for day or night.

Offering a fully adjustable design to fit any toilet. It is durable and made of high quality materials that will withstand any surface cleaning agent!

Toilet Target Features for Potty Training

  • Comes with high quality batteries already installed, easy to remove and change if needed.
  • It offers an additional nightlight feature with a brilliant glow day or night!
  • Motion activated bullseye illuminated laser beam
  • Unit mounts to the seat
  • Easy to install – just wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe and then stick with included sticker
  • 30 Day guarantee

Toilet Target Increases Independence

One of the many benefits of the Toddler Target is the opportunity for your child to independently use the Toddler Target without your required supervision!

The Toddler Target will keep your toilet seat pee-free for the whole family to enjoy!!

potty training bullseye target is also a night light - seen in the dark here
The bullseye target works well for night as well!

What Moms Are Saying About the toilet Target

Sounds amazing, right?

Moms are going crazy over this!

One Mom left an Amazon review saying:

“Im just overwhelmed with joy because this target works and I do not have to scrub any extra walls floors or pants! You better believe I’m getting one for every darn bathroom in my house!”

–Mom from Amazon

Kids like using the potty training target bullseye because it makes potty training a game
Let’s take the stress out of potty training and make it a game!

Another mom left a review saying:

“I was tired of my bathroom smelling like urine all the time, due to my 9 year-old son who had trouble focusing on the direction of his stream. I came across this product and figured I would give it a shot. Well, its been about three months and I am happy to announce that the bathroom is smelling fresh and clean! “

–Mom on Amazon

What a brilliant product!

Toddler Target shown mounted on the back of the toilet seat cover
The Toddler Target mounts easily on the back of the toilet seat

As a mom to 2 boys myself, I surely wish I had this device when I was potty training them. It would have made for lots of pee-free cleaning moments!

You can snag one on Amazon here.


What do you think of the potty training target?

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